South Koreans Believe Song Ji-a’s Controversy Has Gone Too Far Beyond Fake Luxury Items

While Netflix‘s Single’s Inferno became a global hit, it turned Song Ji-a into a celebrity overnight and simultaneously plummeted her career over a controversy. After the dating show’s finale, fans noticed her luxury brand items worn on the show and her social media were fake.

The accusation forced Ji-a to post an apology video admitting to the scandal. At the snap of a finger, her high-profile image crumbled. South Korean citizens believe the scandal is a double-edged sword. Certain details were exaggerated and the backlash getting out of hand.

Song Ji-a on 'Single's Inferno' dating show on the beach with umbrella in relation to controversy.
Song Ji-a on ‘Single’s Inferno’ dating show | via Netflix

Everything that occurred with Song Ji-a’s fake designer controversy

Song Ji-a gained popularity on Single’s Inferno for her looks and use of designer luxury items like Prada and Chanel. After the show’s finale, netizens realized that her pink knit Chanel sweater and other items on her social media were counterfeit. Shortly after the controversy went viral, Song Ji-a issued an apology letter and admitted some items were fake.

Despite her honesty and admitting of her wrongdoings, she received a surmounting number of malicious comments. Ji-a then posted a new apology video and halted all social media activity. According to Koreaboo, Kim Hyo-won of Hyowon CNC explained they had no idea of the fake items. He explains Ji-a had no ill intentions behind purchasing them.

“I asked her where she bought them, and she said if she passes by the items on the streets and thought they were pretty, she would buy them from the street store, or if she was shopping online and found something pretty, she would just buy it,” said Kim. While fake items are not a deal-breaker in some parts of the world, South Korea has strong standards and laws.

South Korean citizens believe Song Ji-a’s counterfeit goods are not the issue

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Youtube channel AsianBoss took to the streets to ask citizens about Ji-a’s controversy and its gravity. When asked if wearing or buying fake designer items is an issue, many agreed it is not a big deal as news outlets and netizens made it out to be. But some citizens agree the real issue lies in how Ji-a used the fake items and how netizens have treated her since the controversy.

“The standards here are much stricter than other countries. FreeZia rose to fame in the blink of an eye. When you look at how and why she rose to fame, everything was based on dishonesty,” said one female citizen. Some agreed that Ji-a’s use of said fake items rubbed netizens the wrong way.

She often portrayed a luxurious and upscale lifestyle on social media and soon got invited to designer events. Ji-a explained she never planned to portray herself as rich. But one citizen explains, “I found out she was slated to launch her own brand, and she did interviews with famous brands, too. When I saw that, I did feel she took advantage of the situation unethically.”

While the interviewers agree that owning and purchasing fake designer items is not uncommon, the hate and backlash Ji-a has been subjected to had gone too far.

Citizens are not happy with Song Ji-a’s invasion of privacy after the controversy

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Despite South Korean citizens believing Ji-a’s does have some accountability in the controversy, they do not agree with how netizens have treated her. Ji-a has received numerous malicious comments and letters that border bullying and death threats.

“Some put her looks down, saying she looks bad without makeup. When I read these comments, I was like, ‘Do you really need to go that far.’ If she did something wrong, it might be okay to point it out. But I also saw people saying the comments were getting out of line,” said one male citizen.

Another citizen says Ji-a and her family’s privacy was invaded since the controversy. This is one of the reasons why she stopped all activity. A citizen explains new outlets should have only pointed out the issue and ended it there. “But now they’re talking about her dad and sister too, so I do feel bad for her,” said one citizen.

Since their time on the show, Ji-a and other contestants from Single’s Inferno have been met with rumors and controversy, questioning if the show is worthy of a second season.