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Usually South Park is not a place a celebrity wants to appear. Trey Parker and Matt Stone have been vicious in their satire of Ben Affleck, Mel Gibson, Michael Bay, Tom Cruise and many more. However, their show did benefit one celebrity, the New Zealand singer Wing. 

South Park: Stan, Kyle Cartman and Kenny wait at the bus stop
L-R: Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny | Comedy Central

The South Park Season 9 episode “Wing” has the boys start a talent agency. The real-life singer Wing becomes one of their clients. On their DVD commentary track. Parker and Stone discussed working with Wing and what the episode did for her singing career. 

Trey Parker and Matt Stone discovered ‘Wing’ and put her in ‘South Park’

Parker recalled Wing as an early viral sensation. In the days before social media, he received a personal recommendation.

“I can’t remember who first turned us onto Wing,” Parker said. “But, it was one of those internet things where someone was like you gotta go to this internet site. I think it was just”

The website,, stopped updating in 2012 after her 20th album. Stone was impressed by Wing’s musical choices. 

“She just released an album of covers of AC/DC,” Stone said.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone hold their heads pensively
L-R: Matt Stone and Trey Parker | Michael Yarish/Comedy Central

Parker remained a fan until they wrote a South Park episode specifically about Wing.

“We went to it online and were just like is this a joke?” Parker said. “This is either a super sweet joke or it’s a super sweet not joke. Basically we just kept downloading the music. Whenever I felt down, I would download some Wing singing The Carpenters. So we came up with an idea we love Wing music so much, how can we have Wing on the show? Then came up with the idea of the boys being her managers. Then it was a race, of course it was all going to hinge around us being able to get Wing’s actual recordings and use them in the show.”

Wing wasn’t sure about ‘South Park’ but played along 

This wasn’t Wing’s first rodeo. She was aware of South Park’s satire, but she went along with it anyway. 

“Through the whole thing, she didn’t know was it a joke on her or were we serious, big fans?” Parker said. “It didn’t matter because after the show aired, because we put the name of her website up at the end of the show. I guess her website went so crazy it crashed. She was so happy. A month later, I got this card in the mail saying, ‘Thank you Mr. Parker.’ She made a bunch of money, it made her career. She’s super stoked about it.”

Stone still recommends Wing. 

South Park Super Awesome Talent Agency represents Wing
‘South Park’ | Comedy Central

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“It’s pretty bold,” Stone said. “I think it’s and check it out. You’ll feel you really haven’t done anything with your life when you check out what she’s done with her life.”

Wing only had one caveat

Usually South Park doesn’t involve celebrities in their own satire. Most celebrities wouldn’t approve anyway. Since Wing was cooperating, they honored her one request.

“The only thing she was worried about was she didn’t want to look ugly,” Parker said.

Stone added how they sent Wing South Park specs for her character.

“Oh yeah, she had to approve her drawing,” Stone said. “We had to send her a JPEG of her characte so she could approve it. She looks good.”