‘South Park’ Leaves HBO Max in 2025 — Where to Find It Next

South Park can’t quite seem to stay on one streaming home. The show first streamed exclusively on Hulu. In 2020, HBO Max launched with the exclusive stream of the South Park library and new episodes. By 2025, you won’t find South Park on HBO Max anymore either, but this home may be permanent. 

'South Park' boys laugh at Cartman in the bathroom
L-R: Tolkien, Kenny, Kyle, Butters, Stan and Cartman | Comedy Central

Paramount+ announced its moves to become the exclusive streaming home to South Park by 2025 on Feb. 15. Chris McCarthy, chief content officer, unscripted entertainment and adult animation for Paramount+, made the announcement at the ViacomCBS Investors Event and Paramount+ sent out a press release after. 

‘South Park’ is renewed through season 30

In August 2021, South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone signed a $900 million deal with ViacomCBS. This deal renewed South Park through season 30. To put that in perspective, season 25 just premiered on Comedy Central in 2022. The deal also includes 14 movies or special events for Paramount+. 

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Currently, new episodes of South Park premiere Wednesday nights on Comedy Central. Then they are added to the HBO Max streaming library on Thursday. Come 2025, it will all be under Paramount+. That makes sense, since ViacomCBS owns the streaming service too. By the way, on the Investor call ViacomCBS announced they were just going to call the whole company Paramount anyway.

What happens to ‘South Park’ on HBO Max?

Well, there are still a few years before all this happens. Paramount+ announced the baby steps along the way. In March 2022, international Paramount+ subscribers gain access to 310 episodes of South Park. It will still be a while before American Paramount+ subscribers have them. 

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In 2024, South Park will be on season 27. Paramount+ will begin streaming the new episodes as they premiere on Comedy Central. In 2025, Paramount+ becomes the exclusive streaming home to South Park. Episodes and seasons are still available for purchase on Apple TV, Amazon and Vudu but Paramount+ will be the place they’re included with subscriptions.

Back in 2013, there were far fewer streaming services to choose from. Of the big three – Netflix, Prime and Hulu – Parker and Stone said they chose Hulu because they liked their player the best. 2019 saw Apple TV+ and Disney+ join the streaming wars, although Disney would never be an option for raunchy South Park. HBO Max came next and then CBS All Access rebranded as Paramount+.

There are still more movies coming too

Parker and Stone’s deal included 14 Paramount+ exclusives. The first two of those were 2021’s South Park: Post COVID and Post COVID: The Return of COVID. Paramount+ confirmed on Feb. 1 that Parker and Stone could use their Paramount+ exclusives to make feature length films, or more specials, as long as they were longer than the average episode. 

The two-part COVID special in 2021 counts as two of the 14, but there are still 12 more to go. Paramount+ also streams 1999’s South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut so it will truly have all the South Park content you can stream.

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