‘South Park’ Movies Could Still Appear on Paramount+ Under Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s Deal

South Park Season 25 premieres Feb. 2 on Comedy Central, but Paramount+ tided fans over with two specials in 2021. Trey Parker and Matt Stone made the two part event South Park: Post COVID in November and December of 2021 for Paramount+. They have more Paramount+ specials planned, and those could include a new South Park movie, executives say. 

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Paramount+ Chief Programming Officer Tanya Giles spoke with the Television Critics Association on Feb. 1. Giles told South Park fans what they can expect from Parker and Stone on Paramount+ in 2022 and beyond. South Park airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on Comedy Central.

Paramount+ specials just have to be longer than ‘South Park’ episodes

South Park: Post COVID and Post COVID: The Return of COVID were each one hour long without commercials. That qualified them for Paramount+, as opposed to Comedy Central episodes that fit a half hour block, so about 22 minutes plus commercials. Giles said Parker and Stone could make a feature length South Park movie, like 1999’s South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut, closer to 90 minutes if they are inclined.

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“The beauty of the deal allows just for more South Park in longer forms than the half hour sitcom,” Giles said. “Last year we were treated to the two halves and exclusive event, the Post COVID and the Post COVID: The Return of COVID. We’re very excited for what they have in store for us this year at longer length than a sitcom but allows for as long as the length of a movie. So it’s very flexible.”

Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s $900 million deal 

ViacomCBS signed Parker and Stone to a $900 million deal in 2021. Parker and Stone want to use some of that money to buy and restore Casa Bonita, the restaurant in Colorado that inspired an episode of South Park.

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The deal extended the show through South Park Season 30. It also included what was at first called 14 South Park movies for Paramount+. As Giles clarified, the Post COVID specials count. The deal just allows Parker and Stone to create South Park content that wouldn’t fit on Comedy Central. It could still be a movie, though. 

‘South Park’ movies and specials could come any time of year on Paramount+

Parker and Stone signed their deal with ViacomCBS in August and had the Post COVID specials ready to stream months later. Gallo said 2022 could see South Park movies and specials debut earlier in the year. Parker and Stone will be producing South Park episodes for Comedy Central the next few months, but could do Paramount+ content much earlier than November. Giles also said they won’t necessarily be another two-parter.

“Not necessarily always at the end of the year, not necessarily two part events,” Giles said. “We’re keeping those options open. Like we said, we’re incredibly flexible in terms of bringing those stories to P+ but there will be two this year.”

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