‘South Park: Post COVID’ Release Date and How to Watch the Special

South Park usually reacts to timely events on the Comedy Central series. Because Trey Parker and Matt Stone produce episodes in six days, they can comment on breaking news. When the world shut down for the coronavirus (COVID_19) pandemic, it limited South Park, too. They only produced two hour-long specials in 2020 and 2021, but a new special, South Park: Post COVID is on the way. 

South Park: Stan, Kyle Cartman and Kenny wait at the bus stop
L-R: Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny | Comedy Central

‘South Park: Post COVID’ premieres November 25 on Paramount+

Paramount+ announced the premiere of South Park: Post COVID. The special will premiere November 25 on the streaming service. Note, it will not air on Comedy Central or stream on HBO Max

Regular episodes will continue to air on Comedy Central. Those episodes also stream on HBO Max. However, Paramount+ has the exclusive streaming rights to specials. Another special is due in December, but they haven’t announced the specific date. 

What is ‘South Park: Post COVID’ about? 

Paramount+ did not provide a synopsis for South Park: Post COVID. That’s not unusual. Most episodes don’t have synopses until they’re finished. Sometimes, when Comedy Central announces an upcoming episode, they end up changing it by the time it airs. That happened with a Lemmiwinks episode.

However, the title Post COVID offers some clues. The two pandemic specials tackled live during COVID-19. The September 30, 2020 episode “The Pandemic Special” satirized the town socially distancing and wearing masks. Cartman has a scam to avoid Zoom school, so when they decide to reopen South Park Elementary, Cartman does anything he can to prolong the pandemic. 

South Park police drag Butters away
Butters | Comedy Central

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By March 10’s episode, COVID-19 vaccines began to roll out. That’s why that special was the “South ParQ Vaccination Special.” This time, Parker and Stone lampooned the clamor to get the vaccine. Lines for the pharmacy were as exclusive as a nightclub, and teachers could no longer take the pressure of being asked to teach in person. 

The subtitle Post COVID must be part of the joke. COVID-19 is not gone yet, as breakthrough cases affirm. However, different aspects of social life have attempted to go back to some semblance of normalcy. Some activities still require masks, and different states have different rules about protocol. Surely, Parker and Stone will have something to say about the current state of the pandemic. 

‘Post COVID’ is the first of 14 specials 

Get ready for a lot more South Park. Parker and Stone signed a $900 deal with ViacomCBS in August. The deal renews the show through season 30, which will take them to 2027. The two pandemic specials were considered part of season 24. 

The ViacomCBS deal also included 14 feature films. These would mark the first feature-length South Parks since 1999’s South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut. Presumably, Post COVID is the first of those films. 

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Paramount+ did not list a running time for South Park: Post COVID. Indeed, they probably won’t know until Parker and Stone turn in the final cut. Streaming on Paramount+ does offer Parker and Stone the freedom to go as long as they want, with no commercial breaks. If they owe Viacom 14 movies, it’s unlikely they will shortchange this one. 

Streaming could also make Post COVID the most obscene South Park yet. Comedy Central has stopped bleeping the F-word, but has put their foot down on occasion. The movie still battled for an R-rating. There are no limits on streaming. Will Parker and Stone indulge? Find out November 25.