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Andrea Denver said Austen Kroll from Southern Charm 100% regrets ever making his now-infamous cameos on Summer House and wishes he never went to Lindsay Hubbard’s birthday party in the Hamptons.

Kroll, who also appeared on Winter House with Denver, was old friends with Hubbard. He and Hubbard planned to hook up on Winter House, but when she arrived late, he became interested in Ciara Miller. Kroll left the relationship with Miller up in the air after Winter House, causing confusion for Miller, but also Hubbard.

But when Kroll arrived in the Hamptons last summer for Hubbard’s birthday weekend, he got cozy with both Hubbard and Miller ultimately causing a huge fight in the house. Some fans dragged him on social media and blasted him for showing up on Summer House.

Andrea doesn’t think Austen Kroll should have gotten so much hate after ‘Summer House’

Denver said he talked to Kroll on a number of occasions about last summer. “I know we talk about this so many times I feel so bad,” Denver said on the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast.

Alex Wach, Andrea Denver, Austen Kroll talk to someone at a table on 'Summer House'
Alex Wach, Andrea Denver, Austen Kroll | Heidi Gutman/Bravo

“Listen, I think he pushed maybe a little bit too hard the accelerator on the car when he came to Summer House,” he observed. “I think he should have stopped a little bit before in all of that triangle, but yeah, I feel bad for him because he got really demonized by so many people and I think he is a good guy. I mean – I know he’s a good guy. I don’t think he deserved that social media hate that he got, but he definitely made a few mistakes. And I think he’s aware of it.”

Everyone involved was single on ‘Summer House’

Denver knows all about making a negative impression on reality television. He seemed to string Paige DeSorbo along on Winter House and didn’t feel great about how he came off.

“Listen, I understand because you got to put yourself in everybody’s shoes,” he said. “I did not have the best rep after Winter House because you know … ” He added, “[Kroll] made some mistakes. Same as me. I said certain things on Winter House. I take full responsibility of that.” 


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“And I think he should take full responsibility of some choices that he made on Summer House,” he continued. “But, I feel like people went really hard on him. I think he should have dealt with the situation in a better way and should have been a little bit more respectful.”

“But at the end of the day, they were all three single,” Denver said about Miller, Hubbard and Kroll at the time. “So they could do whatever they wanted. But he should have been more straight up towards Ciara maybe. And let her know how he was feeling about the whole situation. And he just wanted to have fun and wasn’t looking for anything serious. I think he was trying to put his feet in both shoes. And I think that was pretty bad.”

Andrea wishes Austen came to the ‘Summer House’ and just partied (instead of stirring the pot)

Denver added about the backlash towards Kroll. “I mean, I understand where it’s coming from,” he remarked. “And once again, I think he still could have come and we would have had the best time.”

“I think there should have been just more delegating between the two ladies,” he added. “But once again, I don’t want to point the fingers at anyone. They were all single. So everybody had the reasons and you gotta respect everybody’s point of view. At least this is what I would say.”