‘Spider-Man 3’: Fans Want This Oscar Winner to Play the MCU’s Uncle Ben

The Marvel Cinematic Universe might still have a rocky road ahead for the most famous Marvel hero. But for now, Spider-Man is certainly included in the MCU’s immediate plans. After the earth-shattering mid-credits scene of Spider-Man: Far from Home, fans are curious what the sequel has in store. And if some have their way, an Oscar-winning actor would join the cast.

Marvel's 'Spider-Man' episode "Horizon High Part One"
Marvel’s ‘Spider-Man’ episode “Horizon High Part One” | Marvel via Getty Images

Fans have never met the Uncle Ben to Tom Holland’s Peter Parker

One way in which Marvel has distinguished Tom Holland’s Spider-Man from previous incarnations is by skipping an origin story. Both the 2000s trilogy and the two Amazing Spider-Man films told fairly linear stories of how Peter Parker received his powers. And each gave Uncle Ben’s — played by Cliff Robertson and Martin Sheen, respectively — death an integral role.

To ensure that it didn’t retread the same ground, the MCU has ignored Uncle Ben almost entirely. Both films vaguely allude to his existence. In Far from Home, for instance, Peter’s luggage bears his uncle’s initials. So Uncle Ben is, in fact, canon, contrary to what some fans believe. But we’ve still never gotten a glimpse into Peter’s bond with him.

Instead, the first two MCU Spider-Man movies focus on Peter’s relationship with Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.). This was a wise decision at the time, as it instantly connects Spidey to the MCU. Now that Stark exited the series in epic fashion, the MCU still gave Peter a fallen mentor. But what if the movies finally acknowledge he isn’t the first surrogate father Peter has lost?


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Fans know exactly who they want to play the MCU’s Uncle Ben

Not all fans agree whether the MCU’s Spider-Man needs to bring Uncle Ben in at all. But if he does show up, fans have a pretty strong consensus about who should play him: Oscar winner Joe Pesci.

“Thinking about it, based on what a friend of mine said, I wouldn’t mind if Joe Pesci plays Uncle Ben in the MCU. Plus, might make for a nice change of pace for him to play a warm, father figure,” one user tweeted. Another echoed that: “What if… and hear me out on this… in the third MCU Spider-Man, we finally get flashbacks of Uncle Ben and he’s played by Joe Pesci.”

The main motivation behind getting Pesci — best known for movies like Home Alone and Goodfellas — is to reunite him with Marisa Tomei. The two actors starred in the hit 1992 comedy My Cousin Vinny. And MCU fans want to see them back together, even if it’s briefly. After all, Tomei also starred with Downey in 1994’s Only You before the MCU. So there’s a precedent.

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The third Spidey film could be the perfect place for a Joe Pesci cameo

If the MCU was ever going to tap into Uncle Ben, now is the time. As mentioned, Stark’s death clears the way for Peter to reflect on his uncle’s death. Since Spider-Man 3 will likely see him questioning his superhero future, a flashback covering the incident that first inspired him is key.

From a practical standpoint, Pesci only recently came out of retirement for The Irishman. And if the MCU is into the idea of casting him, they better act quickly. Prior to 2019, Pesci’s last major movie role was 2006’s The Good Shepherd. The MCU could probably get by without Uncle Ben, but one scene could effectively pick up where Spider-Man: Far from Home left off.