‘Spider-Man 3’: Is Doctor Strange the Key to Restoring Peter’s Secret Identity?

Marvel‘s third Spider-Man movie is on its way, and there’s a lot going on that has to be addressed.

Off the bat, during one of the post-credit scenes in Far From Home, it’s shown that one of Mysterio’s last actions was to frame Spider-Man as well as to reveal his true identity to the world.

This cliffhanger also introduced a fan favorite character back into the Spider-Man movies, and that’s J. Jonah Jameson. Since Spider-Man’s secret identity is such a critical part of his character as well as his relationship with Jameson, many fans are very curious about where the third movie is going to take things.

That being said, some fans think that Mysterio’s final reveal will be hand-waved away thanks to Doctor Strange, but fans are divided about it. 

Why Doctor Strange should do this

Like Marvel fans talked about on Reddit, Doctor Strange is well-equipped for the job of restoring Peter Parker’s secret identity of being Spider-Man. Doctor Strange is one of the most powerful Avengers right now, and it’s entirely possible that in the third MCU Spider-Man movie, he simply wipes away the fact that Peter is Spider-Man from everyone’s minds. 

Not only can Doctor Strange do it, but as fans talked about, this is also the easiest and fastest solution to Peter’s new problem. There are other ways that Marvel could handle restoring his secret identity, but unless the movie wants to get bogged down by them, Doctor Strange could do it for Peter with a few waves of his hands. 

Why Doctor Strange shouldn’t do this

Benedict Cumberbatch
Benedict Cumberbatch | Dominik Bindl/WireImage

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However, other Marvel fans don’t think that Doctor Strange should do this for Peter. For many fans, having Doctor Strange do this for Peter would just be too easy. Like one fan said, “The Dr Strange mind wipe would be the most boring and obvious option to take. I have faith that Kevin Feige and co will find a much more interesting way to address the problem.”

On top of this, the other possible solutions to Peter’s problems are pretty interesting, too. For example, another possible solution also involves Doctor Strange, according to Marvel fans, but he won’t be erasing people’s memories.

Instead, Doctor Strange could introduce the real multiverse into the MCU, and from there, Peter can blame an alternate universe’s Spider-Man for everything. 

Other possible solutions involve the Skrulls, who are shapeshifters that were introduced in Captain Marvel. Skrulls also showed up in Far From Home, as several main characters, including Nick Fury, were revealed to actually be Skrulls all along. As a result, in the third movie, the Skrulls could somehow play a role in exonerating Peter and restoring his secret identity. 

Should Peter just lose his secret identity forever? 

But other Marvel fans think that Marvel shouldn’t restore Peter’s secret identity whatsoever. Like one fan wrote, “Peter’s secret identity is out of the bag. That’s it.”

If Marvel goes this route where Peter simply loses his secret identity for good, then it could be interesting as it would portray Spider-Man in a way that many fans aren’t used to. 

This could also allow Marvel to introduce Miles Morales, a character who many fans love, into the MCU. Peter’s Spider-Man would become the celebrity Spider-Man that everybody knows about, while Miles’ Spider-Man would be the more traditional Spider-Man who has to keep his secret identity under wraps.

That being said, the comics has done something similar in terms of Peter’s secret identity becoming public, and according to fans, many people didn’t like that. Regardless of what Marvel ultimately does however, most fans trust Marvel to do what’s best for the character and to take things in an interesting and fun direction.