‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’: MCU Fans Still Hoping for a Surprise Charlie Cox Reveal

Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are anxiously awaiting the third installment of their favorite wall-crawler. Spider-Man: No Way Home is set to release on December 17, 2021. That’s only eight short months away, and fans are getting itchy for some details.

There’s been plenty of speculation about which heroes and villains might show up, and Daredevil is at the top of that list. Specifically, Charlie Cox’s Daredevil

Who is Charlie Cox?

Actor Charlie Cox
Actor Charlie Cox | Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Charlie Cox is a British actor best known for his role as Matt Murdock in Netflix’s Daredevil series. The actor was born in London, and attended Sherborne School in Dorcester. He studied drama and received the Gerald Pittman Award for Acting.

Cox is also recognized for his performance in the HBO series, Boardwalk Empire. He captivated audiences with his portrayal of Owen Sleater, an Irish enforcer with the IRA. He also appeared in Downton Abbey and the film, Stardust. 

Cox also reprised his role as Daredevil in the Netflix miniseries, The Defenders. He joined fellow superheroes Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones in an effort to save New York City from an enemy conspiracy.

In addition to his television credits, he delivered fantastic performances on many London stages. He starred in numerous plays, including The Collection and The Prince of Homburg, in which he played the title role. 

He stunned audiences as Daredevil

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Although he has delivered several notable performances, fans will always love Charlie Cox for his incredible portrayal of Matt Murdock. The series takes place in the Hell’s Kitchen area of New York City. Matt Murdock never stops fighting injustice, working by day as an attorney and by night as a superhero. 

Murdock was blinded as a child, after saving a man from being hit by a truck. The truck was carrying hazardous chemicals and it flipped over, spilling those chemicals directly onto Murdock’s face. After he was blinded, he developed the heightened senses that allowed him to become a superhero. 

He delivered such a stunning performance that he caught the attention of The American Foundation for the Blind. They awarded him the Helen Keller Achievement Award at their 19th annual ceremony. Cox said that he had received numerous pieces of fan mail from the blind community, and one story really stuck with him. 

Cox had received a letter from a woman in London who was suffering from deteriorating vision. She was very nervous and afraid that the condition would cause her to lose her independence. Cox said he highly doubted that would happen, after learning as much as he had about blind individuals and their incredible strength and independence.

In reference to her concerns, he said, “Based on the experience that I’ve had on the show and being so amazed by the amount of tools and the support and education … that is not the case.”

Will he show up in ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’?

Fans are incredibly excited by the possibility of Charlie Cox making an appearance as Daredevil in the upcoming Spider-Man film. Rumors have been swirling for quite some time that we’ll get to see Spidey team up with the Hell’s Kitchen devil. However, nothing has been confirmed yet. 

Even if Cox appears in No Way Home, it’s unlikely that there will be time to work in a major team-up with Spidey. At this point, it seems probable that audiences will get to see Charlie Cox, but not in his Daredevil suit. Some are speculating that Cox will show up in the third Spidey film as Matt Murdock, since it looks like Peter is going to need some legal help. Who better to help the wall-crawler than someone who always goes to bat for vigilante heroes?

Fans took to Reddit to discuss their excitement about a Daredevil cameo. One Redditor said, “I’ll die a happy man if he shows up in No Way Home. For me, it’d be more satisfying than Endgame.” Cox fans might be able to get more of him somewhere else, if they’re lucky… Rumor has it that a Daredevil reboot is in the works, and we’re sure Cox is the first choice for the title role.