‘Spiderman’ Star Tom Holland Was Only Allowed To Wear a Thong Under His Tight Spider-Man Suit

Tom Holland is one of the brightest young stars in the film industry, with experience in theater as well as movies. Holland experienced a meteoric rise to fame after he was cast as Marvel’s Spider-Man, and over the past few years, he has appeared in five different blockbuster movies released by the famed studio.

With even more Spider-Man action on the way, Holland is in no danger of losing his popularity, and there’s no doubt that he loves playing Spider-Man — still, he once opened up about wearing the suit, and fans might be surprised to learn just how uncomfortable the eye-catching costume truly is. 

Who is Tom Holland?

Tom Holland
Tom Holland | Getty Images

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Born in 1996, Holland had a rather unconventional path to movie stardom. He was raised in a large family with three younger brothers and early on in his life, he developed a strong affinity for both sports and gymnastics.

He began practicing dance as a young boy and decided to parlay his interests into a career onstage. By 2008, Holland had made his West End debut in the hugely popular stage show, Billy Elliot the Musical

After a few years honing his skills as a dancer and actor onstage, Holland made the transition to movie roles. His first major movie role was in 2012 when he appeared alongside Ewan McGregor in the disaster film The Impossible.

Holland received acclaim for his work, and over the next several years, he appeared in a handful of other films. He became well-known enough to catch the eye of Marvel Studios, and in 2015, he was announced as the next Peter Parker/Spider-Man. 

Fans love Tom Holland as Spider-Man

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There was a lot of pressure on Tom Holland to measure up to previous onscreen versions of Spider-Man, played by actors like Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire. Still, after Holland made his first appearance as Spidey in the 2016 film, Captain America: Civil War, he left no doubt as to his ability to portray the superhero.

Fans loved the personality that he brought to the role, and over the years, he has become even more popular within the fan community. Holland has played Spider-Man in five films now and is set to make his return as the web-slinger in another solo Spidey film venture, which is set to release in late 2021.

While few details about the movie have been revealed, Holland is an open book about the task of portraying the hero — and recently, he opened up about what it is like to wear the super-tight costume. 

What did Tom Holland say about his Spider-Man costume?

The Spider-Man costume is known for being formfitting and eye-catching, even though it has gone through a number of stylistic changes over the decades. It is also quite uncomfortable, at least, according to Tom Holland. The star revealed that the suit is so tight that he can only wear thong underwear underneath it.

He said: “They brought them in on my first day, like, “Here are your thongs.” I had serious misgivings… But I had to get used to it. Even though I was thinking no way, no way!”

Holland also admitted that going to the bathroom while in costume is a serious struggle: “you have to completely disrobe and then put a dressing gown on, but they’re very comfy ones, you can’t walk around in just a thong, can you imagine? And then you race across the lot to the toilet, then come back, get back into it – it’s such a mission.”

Clearly, putting on the Spider-Man suit is a commitment that extends far beyond the work to be done onscreen.