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There is a Spirit Halloween movie coming to theaters. However, audiences across the Internet continue to make jokes surrounding the upcoming horror film’s release. Some comments on Reddit want the Spirit Halloween movie to answer some hilarious questions that they have regarding the in-person retail store locations.

The ‘Spirit Halloween’ movie introduces a haunted retail store

Spirit Halloween retail store, which inspired the 'Spirit Halloween' movie. A person passes in front of the temporary store sign.
Spirit Halloween store | Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images

The Spirit Halloween movie announcement came with a vague idea of what the plot will follow. The story explores how three friends dare each other to spend Halloween night in a Spirit Halloween store overnight. However, they soon discover that the building is actually haunted.

Reddit continues to make fun of the movie’s existence, to begin with. The most upvoted comment reads: “The premiere should be held in a former Barnes and Noble for authenticity.” One response doubles down that the location should be down the street from an old Blockbuster to really sell it.

Reddit asks all of the important questions about the ‘Spirit Halloween’ movie

Reddit continued to expand on the Spirit Halloween movie memes. These jokes about the in-person retail locations already fill social media around the Halloween season and now people are beginning to wonder if the movie could answer some of these questions. One user asked a series of hilarious questions that they hope the movie can respond to:

Will the movie touch base on unique horror film shirt designs that are display only and otherwise sold out besides 4XL for the entire season?

Are they going to provide a backstory on why all of the lunchboxes are dented?

Will they explain the pesky ghost that annihilates the bathrooms with overflowed diarrhea toilets every single season?

Will they touch base on why Jeff The Killer morph suits are seemingly always sold out in Adult Medium and taken out of the plastic ?

Will buying a ticket give you the option to round up to the nearest dollar for childrens hospital?

Another comment underneath the comment asked: “Will the movie stop showing after opening weekend because the audiences wore out the ‘try me’ buttons?”

New images showcase Christopher Lloyd and Rachel Leigh Cook


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Variety shared some first-look images from the Spirit Halloween movie, as well as some additional plot information around the pictures. Lloyd plays Alec Windsor, a wealthy land developer, who mysteriously vanished without a trace. As a result, his spirit continues to haunt the town every year on Halloween night.

Meanwhile, Cook plays Sue, who recently remarried after her husband’s death. Her son, Jake, is one of the three friends who spend the night in the Spirit Halloween store. They realize that terrifying spirits are specifically possessing the animatronic characters in the building.

The new images from the Spirit Halloween movie highlight Lloyd and Cook. Neither picture reveals much about the terror that will take place inside of the retail store, but it does give a sneak peek at what audiences can expect these actors to look like in the finished movie.