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Spy x Family proved a hit during the spring 2022 anime season, and the television adaptation of Tatsuya Endo’s manga returns for a second cour this October. Now that we’ve met all three members of the Forger family, we’ll get the chance to see them in action. It also looks like they’ll become a unit of four. So, when is the release date for Spy x Family Season 1 Part 2 — and what do we know about the next batch of episodes so far?

When does ‘Spy x Family’ return? Season 1 Part 2 release date

Yor, Anya, and Loid Forger, all of whom will return in 'Spy x Family' Season 1 Part 2. They're standing next to one another, and they all look happy. The sky behind them is blue with clouds.
Yor, Anya, and Loid in ‘Spy x Family’ | Tatsuya Endo/Shueisha, Spy x Family Project

Spy x Family is joining a number of other highly anticipated anime returning this October, and season 1 part 2 will debut sooner rather than later.

According to Crunchyroll, the show’s second cour is slated to arrive on Oct. 1. As such, we’ll be reunited with Loid, Yor, and Anya Forger in just a couple of weeks! The new episodes will be simulcast on Crunchyroll following their Japanese broadcast, so North American fans will get to dive in right after they debut.

The last time we saw the Forgers, they’d made slight progress toward making Anya an Imperial Scholar. However, things weren’t moving as fast as Twilight and his superiors would like. The Forgers were also looking into getting a dog. And it looks like Operation Strix and the mission to find a new pup may collide when Spy x Family Season 1 Part 2 arrives.

So, what exactly is the anime’s second cour going to be about?

What is ‘Spy x Family’ Cour 2 about? Check out the trailer

Spy x Family Season 1 Part 2 will pick up where the anime left off, continuing its adaptation of Tatsuya Endo’s manga series. The source material sees Twilight and his colleagues handling a terrorist attack next. And judging by the trailer for the second cour (via Crunchyroll), the show is sticking to that script.

The first look opens with a glimpse of the terrorists, whose goal seems to be starting a war between Ostania and Westalis. Twilight’s tasked with stopping the group from completing their mission. And it looks like our favorite spy’s life could be at risk — something Anya learns from the big, white dog we met at the end of Spy x Family Season 1 Part 1.

Of course, it seems Anya will take matters into her own hands to save her father. Later clips show her riding on the back of this new pup and attempting to disarm a bomb.

Needless to say, Spy x Family‘s second cour promises to be just as chaotic as the first — and with more action to boot.

Everything else we know about season 1 part 2


‘Spy x Family’ Part 2 Hits Netflix in October 2022, but Not in the U.S.

The trailer for Spy x Family Season 1 Part 2 tells us plenty about the plot of the coming episodes, but what else do we know? The main voice cast is returning for the second cour, so we’ll see more of the following talent:

  • Takuya Eguchi as Twilight/Loid Forger
  • Saori Hayami as Yor Forger
  • Atsumi Tanezaki as Anya Forger
  • Hiroyuki Yoshino as Franky
  • Yūko Kaida as Sylvia Sherwood
  • Kensho Ono as Yuri Briar

Crunchyroll also revealed that Spy x Family Cour 2 will have a new intro song. Bump of Chicken’s “Souvenir” will serve as the opening theme for the new episodes, which makes sense, as it’s featured in the trailer. There’s likely to be a new outro as well, but we’ll have to wait for more details on that front.

Fortunately, the wait won’t be very long. The Forgers return to the small screen in just a couple of weeks.

Spy x Family returns for its second cour on Oct. 1, 2022.