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Squid Game remains in Netflix‘s top 10 even almost two months after it was released. The K-drama struck a chord with fans from all over the world. In the series, desperate players compete for a huge cash prize. At times, the series seems to imply that multiple people could win the games. However, it doesn’t appear that this has ever happened before.

Lee Jung-jae as Gi-hun and Jung Ho-yeon as Sae-byeok in Squid Game. The pair are wearing formal outfits and sitting and talking in the warehouse.
Lee Jung-jae as Gi-hun and Jung Ho-yeon as Sae-byeok in ‘Squid Game’ | Noh Juhan/Netflix

How much is the ‘Squid Game’ prize money?

After the horrors of Red Light, Green Light, the players in Squid Game are told that the winner will receive 45.6 billion won. Each player is said to be worth 100 million won each. That amount is added to the pot after each death.

Even if the winnings were split up between multiple people, the winners would still get quite a bit of money. It also appears that many players are under the impression that there can be multiple winners. However, that’s not necessarily the case.

Squid Game players vote to go home. Gi-hun casts the final vote.
‘Squid Game’ players vote to go home | Noh Juhan | Netflix

Can ‘Squid Game’ have multiple winners?

Several of the players in Squid Game appear to be under the impression that multiple people can win the games and take home the prize money. In the episode “Front Man” Gi-hun suggests to Sae-byeok that they should team up to take down Sang-woo. He mentions that even half the money should be enough for her to buy her family a house.

Player 069 and his wife may have also assumed that they could both win and take home the prize money together. However, the players may have been purposely misled to believe that multiple people could win the games. If there are multiple winners, that increases the likelihood of each player surviving.

When one of the pink-jump-suited workers explains the rules of the games, he states, “Those who win all six games will receive a handsome cash prize.” This makes it sound as if multiple people can win. However, a fan on Reddit cleverly pointed out that this wording could have been used to mislead the players.


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“It was crafty wording. As we see in the record book of winners, there is only one winner a year. ‘Those who win…’ is not in reference to the players in the room at that moment in the current games. It refers to the single winner of all previous games as, naturally, that sole survivor won all six games.”

“It was said this way to make the players think they had more than a 1/456 chance because with those odds more of them likely would not have returned,” they continued.

The Front Man manipulates the games

The competition in Squad Game is not based on fairness, no matter what the Front Man says. The games are manipulated many times throughout the series. It’s possible that in theory, multiple players could win. After all, the final game can be played in teams of multiple people. However, the Front Man seems to manipulate the numbers.

For example, he allows Sang-woo to kill Sae-byeok so that there will only be two final players. However, the workers stop Gi-hun from killing Sang-woo so that the VIPs would have a final game to watch. In theory, perhaps there could be multiple winners, but the Front Man would never allow that to happen.