‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ Is George Lucas’ Final ‘Star Wars’ Project; What Does He Think of Season 7?

Disney’s 2012 purchase of Lucasfilm left many Star Wars fans gutted for a very specific reason. In order to develop its own canon, the House of Mouse opted to officially disown nearly the entire expanded Star Wars universe. Novels, comics, and other stories were branded “Legends” that didn’t fit within the Disney-era canon. But Star Wars: The Clone Wars was spared.

The animated series kicked off in 2008 with a theatrically released feature. Then it began a five-season run on Cartoon Network, which ended with Disney’s involvement. Later, Star Wars: The Clone Wars received an abbreviated sixth season on Netflix in 2014. And for a long time that appeared to be the end of the series.

Then Disney+ resurrected the show for one final batch of episodes intended to give the story the grand finale it deserves. What many fans may not realize is Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 is also the very last project in the “galaxy far, far away” to bear franchise creator George Lucas’ influence.

Dave Filoni and George Lucas at Star Wars Celebration
Dave Filoni and George Lucas at Star Wars Celebration | Gerardo Mora/Getty Images for Disney

George Lucas was instrumental in creating ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’

When the series started out, Lucas had just wrapped up the prequel trilogy. So Star Wars: The Clone Wars was the de facto torch-bearer for the saga. As such, Lucas worked very closely with supervising director Dave Filoni. In fact, Sam Witwer — who has voiced Maul on the show and sister series Star Wars: Rebels — recently discussed Lucas’ process with Star Wars Holocron.

[George] was so happy when he was making this show, and we were so happy to be implementing it for him …you really did just get a directive from George, and that directive got discussed and translated by Dave Filoni. And then it went right to the actors, animators, lighters, everything. It just got done. That’s the fun of watching the “Siege of Mandalore,” because it just feels pure in its intention.

The aforementioned “Siege of Mandalore” is the final story arc leading into the series finale of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. With just a few episodes left to go, fans are eagerly anticipating how the show will honor Lucas’ vision. Moreover, the series is expected to tie directly into the events of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.

Actor Sam Witwer said George Lucas is pleased with Season 7

Although Lucas hasn’t been directly involved with the show, Witwer said Lucas has remained in touch with Filoni. What’s more, the actor said he has heard the Star Wars creator offered some feedback on this final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

“George [Lucas] has been calling Dave and giving him nice little comments on the episodes,” Witwer told Star Wars Holocron. “I really, really hope we get some positive feedback from the maker himself when this comes out. This show has such a special place in George’s heart.”

For the most part, Lucas’ reaction to the Disney era of the saga he created has been tepid at best. However, while he’s not the biggest fan of the sequel trilogy, Lucas has seemed much more positive on the shows. He has visited the set of The Mandalorian for a photo op with Baby Yoda. And now we learn he is pleased with how Star Wars: The Clone Wars is winding down.

‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ is the last vestige of George Lucas’ vision

The series is, of course, the final piece of Star Wars media Lucas touched before selling his company to Disney. And because of that, Witwer feels an extra sense of responsibility to do right by his character and the world Lucas created, he told Star Wars Holocron.

It’s so cool that this is the last George Lucas-produced Star Wars. The last Star Wars that has George’s fingerprints on it. I truly loved to hear that George was reacting well to [the final season of The Clone Wars]. And I’m happy to hear that he likes how Clone Wars is going so far this season. I really hope he likes our finale because that’s where it all counts.

With the Star Wars saga at a bit of a crossroads right now, many fans no doubt agree with Witwer about what’s at stake. If Star Wars: The Clone Wars ends on a high note, it could help reinvigorate excitement over upcoming projects. Otherwise, fans will experience the letdown of The Rise of Skywalker all over again.