‘Star Wars: Visions’: Watch These Anime if You Loved the New ‘Star Wars’ Series

Star Wars: Visions is the newest Disney+ series to hit the platform and it’s visually stunning. It’s an anthology series that consists of nine different episodes that tell the story of different aspects of the Star Wars galaxy. Star Wars: Visions studios‘ usage is also fascinating since nearly all of the episodes are made by a unique anime production studio and the art style is different. 

If you enjoyed the series and want more anime, take a look at what those production companies have made in the past. The high quality and attention to detail is all still there and you get fun new worlds while you’re at it too. 

1. Ghost in the Shell (Production I.G.)

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One of the most well-known anime on this list is Ghost in the Shell. It was made by the Production I.G studio, which created the episode “The Ninth Jedi. 

Ghost in the Shell was originally a Japanese cyberpunk manga series that came out in 1989. You can probably guess how that could appeal to Star Wars fans, especially those that are pulled in by Coruscant and the technologically advanced, dirty underbelly of it all. The central premise is about solving crime in a society where people have cyberbrains.

'The Ninth Jedi' from 'Star Wars: Visions' |
‘The Ninth Jedi’ from ‘Star Wars: Visions’ | Disney+ / Lucasfilm

The manga went on to influence and create a slew of media including many shows, movies, and video games. There was also a 2017 American movie, but that was met with a lot of controversies because of the whitewashed casting. Before you watch this, though, be warned that it’s mature and not for kids, unlike Star Wars

2. Burn the Witch (Studio Colorido)

Another manga-turned-film is Burn the Witch, created by Studio Colorido. Studio Colorido was the studio involved with the second episode “Tatooine Rhapsody.” The story revolves around two witches, so while there isn’t the Force involved, something of the sort is. 

It’s set in London and these two witches are also “protection agents” for a dragon conservation organization. The premise is they have to protect those dragons while also making sure they don’t disrupt the people of London too much. So you have powers and flying creatures? Star Wars should like this one. 

3. Little Witch Academia (Studio Trigger)

Little Witch Academia is another story where magic could be a stand-in for the Force, in a way. It’s from Studio Trigger, the production company behind the Star Wars: Visions episodes “The Elder” and “The TWINS.” 

Little Witch Academia consists of a film, TV series and more, and takes place at ​​Luna Nova Magical Academy. It’s a very prestigious school for witches and the TV series, specifically, premiered on Netflix and focused on Akko Kagari who is just an “ordinary girl.” 

4. Haikyuu!! (Production I.G)

Lastly, Haikyuu!! Is probably the most popular anime on this list. It revolves around volleyball so it has no supernatural elements or Star Wars comparisons at all, but it’s by the studio Production I.G who made Ghost in the Shell (above). They obviously have a knack for making things that people latch onto, and just like Star Wars, Haikyuu!! has a pretty adoring fanbase. 

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