‘Stargirl’: Is Eclipso DC’s Version of Thanos?

Eclipso is currently reigning terror in Blue Valley, Nebraska, in The CW‘s Stargirl. In the last episode of Stargirl Season 2, Eclipso’s physical form was finally revealed after Courtney’s Cosmic Staff touched the black diamond. Now, the Justice Society of America has to figure out a way to stop him. But, it won’t be easy as this season’s Big Bad has been dangerous even when trapped in the black diamond. And according to actor Nick Tarabay, Eclipso’s villainous motivations are comparable to the Marvel Cinematic Universe villain’s, Thanos.

Nick Tarabay wears a suit and sports a beard.
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Who is Eclipso?

Eclipso has proven to be more threatening than any villain the JSA has ever seen, including the Injustice Society. And he was causing trouble in DC Comics long before he made his live-action debut in Stargirl.

In the comic books, Eclipso is an entity created by God’s Wrath. He is an immortal agent of chaos that possesses others to carry out his nefarious plans. Eclipso has many abilities, like possession, superstrength, flight, matter manipulation, energy vision/blasts, and more. Plus, he is pure evil and does not care who he hurts or how much damage he inflicts. Basically, what all of these qualities add up to is trouble for the heroes in Stargirl.

Eclipso will be almost next to impossible to defeat, and there will be no reasoning with him.

Nick Tarabay discusses his role in ‘Stargirl’

During an interview with ComicBook.com, Nick Tarabay, the actor who plays Eclipso, discussed his villainous role in Stargirl. He equates Eclipso’s motivations with Thanos’ in Avengers: Infinity War.

Tarabay said, “So it’s almost like Thanos and Marvel, where he was demolishing half the world, but in his mind, he was clearing it up. Eclipso has the same way, only the strong can survive. If you are tempted, if you have evil in you, denying it will just make you more delicious to me, or not. You know what I’m saying? So, this is how I approach any character, I do not judge them. If there’s any actor that’s out there that’s listening to this, I think it’s one of the best pieces of advice you can have that I’ve learned. Never, ever judge your character, just go with your objective. And again, to the crazy people, you are the crazy ones so it’s all subjective.”

Not only is Eclipso dangerous because of his powers, but he is also a threat because of his way of thinking. He does not care who is in his way, even if it’s a child. Eclipso will kill whoever he needs to in order to accomplish his goals, as seen in episode 6 of Stargirl Season 2.

What’s happening in ‘Stargirl’ Season 2?

Stargirl is currently 6 episodes into season 2, and it’s already shaping up to be a thrilling ride. Villains like the aforementioned Eclipso and The Shade are causing trouble for the JSA. Though, The Shade seems to only be in Blue Valley to stop Eclipso. But while he and the JSA have the same goal, it wouldn’t be shocking if he faced off against the Stargirl heroes sooner rather than later.

In the most recent episode of Stargirl, the JSA fought the new Injustice Society, consisting of Cindy, Artemis, and Isaac, in an epic school cafeteria scene. Unfortunately, the sequence ended with Eclipso emerging from the shadows and killing Isaac and Cindy.

Now, Eclipso will likely target and manipulate individual members of the JSA. Hopefully, though, Stargirl will not kill any more characters in season 2. But no one would be surprised if more casualties pile up in Blue Valley, thanks to Eclipso.

Stargirl airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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