‘Station 19’ Fans Worry Jaina Lee Ortiz (Andy Herrera) is Leaving Over Drama With Danielle Savre

After Station 19 Season 5 Episode 15, many fans worried that Jaina Lee Ortiz might be leaving her role as Andy Herrera. Her character fought off Jeremy (Daniel Di Tomasso) in episode 14; however, he died from his injuries. In the last few minutes of the April 7 episode, officers arrested Andy. So many viewers wondered if she might leave the show. However, there was also a deeper reason why fans concluded that Ortiz might leave Station 19. It stemmed from a comment on social media.

'Station 19': Jaina Lee Ortiz laying on a bed as Andy Herrera
‘Station 19’: Jaina Lee Ortiz | ABC/Liliane Lathan

Is Andy Herrera leaving ‘Station 19’? 

Although officers arrested Andy Herrera in Station 19 Season 5 Episode 15, the character still serves a significant role in the upcoming episodes. In the season 5 episode 16 preview, Judge H. Pendleton informed Andy that the court is charging her with manslaughter in the first degree. Next, she pleads not guilty. However, the local news brandishes her as a killer. Later, Jack (Grey Damon) hugs Andy after she walks out of King County Central Jail. Andy is still a massive part of Station 19 Season 5 after the death of Jeremy and her arrest.

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Meanwhile, Fire Chief Natasha Ross (Merle Dandridge) informed Andy that a firefighter charged with a felony should be suspended. Andy protests that she didn’t rob a bank. Then, Natasha counters with the fact that she killed a man (despite that it was self-defense). In another scene, Andy’s mother, Elena (Patricia De Leon), comes searching for her. Robert Sullivan (Boris Kodjoe) and Vic Hughes (Barrett Doss) do not look happy to see Elena. However, in a later scene, Elena finds Andy. 

Why do fans worry that Jaina Lee Ortiz might leave ‘Station 19’?

Viewers took to various social media platforms since the April 7 Station 19 episode to speculate about the drama between Jaina Lee Ortiz and Danielle Savre (Maya Bishop). Fans worry that the drama might cause Ortiz to leave Station 19. The recent talk began when Savre live-tweeted during the episode with her fans. One fan account recorded the interaction between the actor and her fans with screenshots. That fan then reposted the tweets to her Instagram fan account for Savre. In the comments of the fan post, Jaina Lee Ortiz commented.

“The false tweets are overdone,” Ortiz wrote on the fan’s Instagram account. “The assistant knows exactly what to say. Enough is enough.”

Some fans speculated that Ortiz’s comment was directed at Savre. They believed that it suggested that her assistant was tweeting for Savre that evening. Social media users replied that Ortiz’s comment was “immature” and “embarrassing.” Then in numerous Reddit posts and TikTok videos, fans continued to debate what Ortiz’s comment meant. They also contemplated whether she might leave Station 19.

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Is Jaina Lee Ortiz leaving ‘Station 19’?

No, despite what fans might think, Jaina Lee Ortiz is not leaving Station 19. The actor continues to have a prominent role in the upcoming Station 19 episodes. She hasn’t given any indications that she plans to leave. Ortiz celebrated the Station 19 Season 6 renewal with a tweet. 

“Good news for ya’ll,” Ortiz wrote on Jan 11. “Thank you to our S19 team, everyone @ ABC & our supporters for keeping the [fire emoji] alive!”

Station 19 returns Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

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