‘Station 19’ Season 5 Episode 3 Promo Trailer, ‘Too Darn Hot,’ Made Viewers Hate Andy

In the new Station 19 Season 5 Episode 3 promo trailer, Andy Herrera (Jaina Lee Ortiz) does something to make viewers despise her. She served her husband, Robert Sullivan (Boris Kodjoe), in the latest episode with divorce papers. Although many viewers already disliked Sullivan, Herrera topped him with her actions in the upcoming Station 19 episode.

Station 19 Season 5 Episode 3 Jaina Lee Ortiz acting as Andy Herrera
‘Station 19’ cast member Jaina Lee Ortiz | Eric McCandless/ABC/ Getty Images

‘Station 19’ Season 5 recap: Andy and Sullivan

A quick Station 19 recap of season 5 so far might be necessary before viewers watch the episode 3 promo trailer for next week. When Station 19 Season 5 opened, the fire chief transferred Andy to Station 23 for insubordination. Then the TV series fast-forwarded 10 months. Andy refused to speak to her husband, Sullivan, for almost an entire year because of what he said to the chief. 

In Station 19 Season 4, viewers found that he agreed with the fire chief that Maya Bishop did not make good choices for her team. Instead of defending her, Sullivan suggested that the chief appoint him captain. He looked out for himself instead of his co-workers and friends. In Station 19 Season 5 Episode 1, he finally apologized to the team. However, Andy felt it was too late. She filed for a divorce, and the court served him at work. In the last few minutes of Station 19 Season 5 Episode 2, Andy flirted with the new captain of 19 — Captain Beckett (Josh Randall).

‘Station 19’ Season 5 Episode 3 promo trailer

In the preview for Station 19 Season 5 Episode 3, things heat up in Seattle when a heatwave hits, and the locals are not used to the extreme temperatures. Theo Ruiz (Carlos Miranda) tries to find out who Andy slept with, but she refuses to tell him. However, in another clip, it’s evident that she had sex with Captain Beckett. 

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Luckily, the synopsis for next week’s Station 19 episode helps redeem Andy a little bit. 

“Andy deals with regret and finds a friend in Theo,” the YouTube description reads. 

However, fans still cannot understand why Andy chose to sleep with Beckett.

“The divorce hasn’t even gone through,” one fan wrote in the comments of the video. “She’s still married. And of all people, she chose her husband’s new captain? SERIOUSLY. 🤨”

Could Andy and Sullivan get back together?

Although Sullivan will be angry when he hears about Andy and Captain Beckett, the Station 19 cast member hinted at a potential reconciliation in a recent interview. When speaking with Extra TV, Boris Kodjoe admitted that Sullivan won’t give up on Andy that easily.

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“He’s been struggling with his career and the drug abuse and his wife,” Kodjoe explained a little bit about Sullivan to the outlet. “At the core of it, he feels like she’s his person. When somebody is your person, you gotta fight, you can’t give up.”

From Kodjoe’s perspective, it sounds like maybe Andy and Sullivan do work things out and get back together. However, the news that Andy slept with Beckett is not going to go over well when Station 19 Season 5 Episode 3 airs.

Station 19 airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC, before Grey’s Anatomy.