Stephenie Meyer Isn’t as Rich as the Cullens but Her Net Worth Is Still Insanely High

When Stephenie Meyer first began writing Twilight, she had no idea that it would impact her life and her net worth forever. Prior to writing her debut novel, Meyer was a stay-at-home mom and the idea of being an author wasn’t on her radar. So how did she become a bestselling author and inspire a widely popular film franchise? For Meyer, it all started with a dream.

Stephenie Meyer net worth
Stephenie Meyer | Amanda Edwards/WireImage

Fans of Twilight may recall the infamous scene of Bella and Edward sitting in a sun-drenched meadow together. Funnily enough, that was the dream that Meyer had. When she woke, she was fascinated by the conversation between Bella and Edward that occurred in her dream and she desperately wanted to find out what would happen next. To quench her own curiosity, Meyer began writing with fervor. But she had no idea that her words would eventually become a book, let alone push her net worth into a new stratosphere. For Meyer, writing Twilight was simply a way for her to escape.

Stephenie Meyer was a stay-at-home mom before she wrote the ‘Twilight’ books

Like many parents, Meyer was feeling a bit overwhelmed with life prior to penning Twilight. But writing helped her reconnect with herself and with each page, she was finding new forms of expression. “I was really burned out,” Meyer shared with according to CNN. “I really had gotten into that zombie mom way of doing things where I wasn’t Stephenie anymore. [Writing Twilight] was a release. That was the dam bursting. I’d been bottling up who I was for so long, I needed an expression.”

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The author reveals her husband thought she’d gone crazy

Even though she was finding joy in her writing, Meyer still chose to keep the contents of Twilight a secret. Her behavior even raised eyebrows of loved ones, but that didn’t stop the author from writing. “My husband thought I’d gone crazy,” Meyer confessed. “I’d barely spoken to him because I had all these things going on in my head, and I wasn’t telling him about this weird vampire obsession because I knew he’d freak out and think I’d lost my mind.”

Eventually, Meyer came around to the idea that she had a book on her hand and she found a publishing partner in Little, Brown and Company. Twilight was followed up by three sequels: New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn, all of which inspired five films that performed extraordinarily well at the box office. All the while Meyer continued to write books, some of which lived in the Twilight world and some of which are completely independent of her first story. Most recently, Meyer released the long-anticipated book, Midnight Sun, which is a retelling of Twilight from Edward’s perspective.

Meyer has a very high net worth

Naturally, Meyer has managed to build up quite an impressive net worth over the years. Of course, Meyer’s got nothing on the Cullen family, whom NBC estimated to be worth $34.1 billion back in 2010 based on Carlisle’s age and Alice’s ability to see the pick the stocks that will perform best in the future. Still, Meyer’s doing just fine without the fictional family. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the author is worth a whopping $125 million. If that doesn’t convince you to follow your dreams, we don’t know what will.