Steven Spielberg Counts This Marvel Movie Among His Favorite Films

Steven Spielberg isn’t only one of Hollywood’s most popular filmmakers. He has directed so many classic movies since the 1970s. But he also — somewhere between Jaws and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial — helped create the summer blockbuster. These days, the biggest hit movies are often ripped straight from the comic book page. And in fact, Spielberg reportedly considers one Marvel movie among his favorite films of all time.

Steven Spielberg smiles amid a red background
Steven Spielberg | Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Steven Spielberg’s peers aren’t fans of superhero movies

In recent years, the generation of filmmakers who ruled the 1970s have spoken up about the recent spate of superhero films. Most notably, Martin Scorsese — whose own movies were the inspiration for 2019’s Joker — has shared his apprehension about Marvel and DC movies ruling the box office. And that debate continues.

On the one hand, Scorsese — and other filmmakers, such as Francis Ford Coppola — aren’t wrong. Superhero films have become such a dominant force that many other types of movies just aren’t getting theatrical releases anymore. Of course, the rise of streaming is another key contributing factor with that trend though.

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The legendary director really loves this Marvel movie

Although Spielberg has been critical about Hollywood’s current trajectory, he has offered a somewhat more measured perspective on superhero movies than his peers. The director even praised several recent entries into the genre, including The Dark Knight and Iron Man. However, there’s one movie that really stood out to him as offering “something new in movies:” Guardians of the Galaxy.

According to an interview with the American Film Institute (via Far Out Magazine), Spielberg even included James Gunn’s 2014 Marvel film among his all-time favorites. That list also includes The Dark Knight and Coppola’s The Godfather. The validity of that list remains somewhat in question, though Gunn confirmed on Twitter he too had heard Guardians of the Galaxy was Spielberg’s favorite superhero movie. So there’s that.

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Will Steven Spielberg ever make a Marvel or DC movie?

With Spielberg’s respect for the genre so apparent, some fans might wonder if he’ll ever make a superhero movie. After all, every hot star or director seems to be finding their way into a Marvel or DC production. And a comic book movie with “a Steven Spielberg film” in its credits would certainly be an event. But would he even want to hop aboard the Marvel Cinematic Universe or DC Extended Universe at this point in his career?

Never say never. But it seems unlikely Spielberg would be interested in such a project. He famously turned down the chance to direct Spider-Man in the early 2000s. Rather, he prefers to make movies that might not happen without his influence. Since Hollywood is so dead-set on adapting even obscure superheroes, Spielberg is on to something. Who else would be so bold as to remake West Side Story in 2021?