Stevie Nicks Said Singing on This Lana Del Rey Song ‘Changed Me Forever’

Stevie Nicks provided guest vocals on one of Lana Del Rey’s songs. During an interview, Nicks revealed why the song changed her forever. Notably, Del Rey said she had a strong reaction to the song as well.

Stevie Nicks posing for a portrait in 1974.
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What Lana Del Rey thought of Stevie Nicks after working with the Fleetwood Mac singer on a song

Del Rey’s albums don’t feature too many collaborations. Despite this, her album Lust for Life features an all-star cast of guest stars. Nicks, The Weeknd, Playboi Carti, Sean Ono Lennon, and ASAP Rocky all appear on songs from the eclectic album. The album blends old and new styles just as the guest list includes musicians from different generations.

During an interview with KROQ, Del Rey talked about Nicks. The “Born to Die” singer said Nicks kept up to date on all the new music. Del Rey also said Nicks lived up to her reputation and brought a new dimension to the song they worked on together.

What Stevie Nicks thought of the song

The song in question was called “Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems.” It’s a slow piano ballad that could’ve just as easily worked as an album track on a Fleetwood Mac album or one of Nicks’ solo albums. During an interview with V Magazine, Nicks and Del Rey discussed “Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems.” Nicks had many kind things to say about Del Rey.

“You have a beautiful voice and I’ve already learned things to add to how I sing from you,” Nicks said. “Working on your song has changed me forever because I’ve learned from you. We are witchy sisters and that’s it. That’s where ‘Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems’ comes from, because we are trying to ride above all the problems and have hope in everything else, but it’s still a world filled with problems no matter how hard we try to change it.”

Del Rey revealed her reaction to “Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems.” “I’m so proud of the song that we did, ‘Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems,'” she said. “I just love your performance on it. The people reading probably don’t know that you know my longtime producer Rick Nowels from high school, basically.”

The way the world reacted to Lana Del Rey’s ‘Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems’

Del Rey never released “Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems” as a single. It never charted on the Billboard Hot 100. On the other hand, Lust for Life was a massive hit. It peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, staying on the chart for 22 weeks.


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The Official Charts Company reports “Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems” did not chart in the United Kingdom either. Meanwhile, Lust for Life reached No. 1 in the U.K., remaining on the chart for 12 weeks. While “Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems” did not become a hit, it had an impact on Nicks.