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Millie Bobby Brown may be the breakout star of Stranger Things, but she’s quickly becoming much more than “Eleven from that show –” as the few humans who have yet to grow hooked on the Netflix original would label her. 

Millie Bobby Brown | Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for NBC

Millie Bobby Brown is an adolescent fashion icon, serving as both the face of Calvin Klein Jeans and Converse kicks. She’s fifteen years old with a wardrobe those double her age would die for, and she’s got a contagious personality to boot. 

Whether joking around with Jimmy Fallon or chit-chatting with Ellen DeGeneres, Millie Bobby Brown virtually spews sincerity. And though she may be quite the talented performer, it can be challenging to fake genuine character, which she’s carrying in loads. Millie Bobby Brown seems excited to be wherever she is, always grateful for the opportunities Stranger Things has awarded her. 

During an interview with W Magazine, Millie Bobby Brown discussed fashion, Godzilla: King of Monsters, Stranger Things, and more. However, when her father got a chance to speak, he revealed something about his daughter that fans never get a chance to witness.

Millie Bobby Brown’s father on “a side of her that only her family sees”

Though Millie Bobby Brown knows how to command an interview – showing up dressed to the nines and slaying each question with an air of confidence, she reserves a quieter side for the home. Brown’s father explained:

“Millie is all confidence and swagger in the world, but at night, at home, she can turn into a little, shy girl. It’s a side of her that only her family sees.”

W Magazine

While it may be difficult to imagine the word “shy” explaining Millie Bobby Brown, it’s likely because she isn’t granted the liberty to be shy in public. She’s famous now; fans expect pictures, jokes, conversation, and more. Shy behavior can often be mistaken for a flippant and dismissive attitude, which doesn’t go over too well in Hollywood. Thus, it should come as no surprise that Brown reserves her quieter side for close family members; they won’t hold it against her (we hope). 

‘Stranger Things’ star Millie Bobby Brown talks rebellion 

Given that Millie Bobby Brown is shy in the household, yet the perfect emblem of social behavior when she makes a public appearance, fans wonder if she ever feels rebellious. Does Millie Bobby Brown ever want to jump out of her skin and take an opportunity to be a “normal,” rebellious teen…whatever that means?

When asked about any repressed desires to unleash an inner rebellious girl, Millie Bobby Brown stated:

“I can be rebellious. But not so much. I’ve never been grounded by my parents. I’m a very good girl.” She paused. “But I do believe in making noise, in being loud.”

And as for being loud, Millie Bobby Brown knows when to speak up. Putting her fame to good use, Millie Bobby Brown has used her voice to inspire. She is an active supporter of LGBTQ+ rights and an anti-bullying advocate. She left Twitter when she became the subject of a homophobic meme, yet has since continued to inspire young individuals across various social media platforms. 

Millie Bobby Brown is rebellious in the perfect sense of the word: she is loud when a situation requires her to be. She uses her voice to ask society – specifically, those who bully and degrade others – to take a strong look in the mirror.