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Netflix’s Stranger Things is arguably the streaming service’s biggest hit. There’s a ton to love about this love letter to the 1980s, but most would agree it’s the characters that keep people coming back every season. Whether it’s someone new or a returning fave, fans are always happy to see an interesting character get the spotlight. Lately, that character has been Lucas’ little sister, Erica, which has prompted many to ask why her actor looks so familiar.

Played by Priah Ferguson, Erica stole the show in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4

Priah Ferguson at Netflix 'Stranger Things' FYSee event at Raleigh Studios in Los Angeles, California
Priah Ferguson at a ‘Stranger Things’ event | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Initially introduced in Season 2 of Stranger Things, Erica only made a handful of appearances around the Sinclair household to make fun of her nerdy brother. It wasn’t until Season 3 that she got a chance to join the main cast. As part of the Scoops Troop, she helped part of the gang break into the secret underground Russian laboratory beneath Starcourt Mall. After she and Dustin rescued Steve and Robin from the Soviets, she guided Hopper, Joyce, and Murray through the lab’s tunnels via radio during the season’s climax.

However, Season 4 is when she really got the chance to shine. Growing closer to the group now that she’s found an interest in their beloved D&D, she replaces her brother in one of their campaigns after his commitment to the high school basketball team gets in the way of playing. After winning a game full of heavy foreshadowing for the rest of the season, she goes to bat for the gang during the Satanic Panic sweeping Hawkins while also tagging along during their adventures. She’s the whole reason the gang makes it out (mostly) safe through several key points in the season when going up against both human and supernatural baddies, all while keeping her quick and scathing wit.

Erica’s actor is gaining a considerable following thanks to the show

Erica’s actor, Priah Ferguson, has been making a name for herself since her breakout role on Stranger Things. While she’s still a bit new to the game, her IMDb is quickly filling up.

One of her earliest roles was on the hit series Atlanta as a little girl named Asia. One of her more substantial roles post-Stranger Things was in the short-lived legal drama Bluff City Law, where she plays a character (ironically named Erika) who requests help in suing the government for their failure to prevent the flooding that destroyed her community.

In addition to Season 5, Ferguson has several other exciting projects in the works. This year, she’s slated to star in the Halloween film Boo! opposite comedy legend Marlon Wayans. She’s also one of the main characters in the animated series My Dad the Bounty Hunter.

Priah Ferguson was a natural from a young age


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Priah Ferguson comes from a humble background, but her future stardom wasn’t too hard to predict. As her IMDb bio describes, she was inspired to start acting at only five years old. Her earliest work was in local Atlanta theater productions and short films. Anyone who saw her could tell you she performed like someone much older, a trait she shares with the rest of her Stranger Things costars. Work started to come in fast immediately after she signed with an agency, and the rest is history from there.

Outside of acting, Ferguson is an older sister to her sibling, Jayda. Since 2015, she’s been the official spokes kid for the United Way of Greater Atlanta, helping to promote awareness of causes affecting kids in and around the city. She’s also very active on Instagram and has gained a whopping 4 million subscribers.