‘Succession’ Season 3 Trailer: Logan Roy Promises to Go ‘Full, F***in’ Beast’ as Everyone Takes Sides in His Battle With Kendall


  • ‘Succession’ season 3 is coming this October
  • Jeremy Strong talks Kendall’s big move in season 2
  • Breaking down the ‘Succession’ season 3 trailer
Brian Cox as Logan Roy in an image from Succession season 3
Brian Cox in season 3 of ‘Succession’ | Graeme Hunter/HBO

Succession recently dropped the season 3 trailer and it features a very angry Logan Roy (Brian Cox). When the HBO drama about a super-rich media family returns in October, everyone is taking sides in the battle between Logan and Kendall (Jeremy Strong). And in the new clip, the Roy patriarch promises that he’s ready to go “full, f***in’ beast.”

Kendall Roy took on his father in the ‘Succession’ season 2 finale

Kendall Roy went all out in the season 2 finale when he dared to take on his father. He pulled a huge power move when he called a press conference and announced his father’s crimes to the world. It was quite the shark-like move. Instead of taking responsibility for what’s going on at Waystar Royco, Kendall blamed his dad.

According to Strong, his character took a risk that has given him a newfound freedom that fans will see at the beginning of season 3.

Fans are witnessing an ‘airborne Kendall’

Strong told TV Line during a virtual panel at the Television Critics Association that Kendall’s press conference was sort of a “phase transition” of “moving from one state to another.”

“I felt that, after the press conference, it was as if I’d sat under the Bodhi tree and achieved a moment of clarity, and what feels for Kendall like enlightenment and liberation,” Strong explained.”

“So I think we see a sort of airborne Kendall at the beginning of the season, someone who feels like he’s finally wrestled himself free from the chains that have been binding him. There’s an airborne quality to it.”

Logan Roy promises to go ‘full, f***in beast’ in the season 3 trailer

The season 3 sneak peek featured everything that fans love about Succession. There was plenty of drama, grim humor, and a growling and angry Logan Roy. In a voiceover, he says that “There’s blood in the water, sharks are coming.”

Series newcomer Lukas Matsson (Alexander Skarsgard)– a tech company founder and CEO — asks Roman Roy (Kieran Culkin) when his father will die, “with due respect, obviously.” And as newbie Josh Aaronson (Adrien Brody) — a billionaire activist investor– puts it: “I thought my family was f**ked up, this is next level.”

At the end of the clip, Logan promises to go “full, f***in’ beast” in his battle against his son.

Do Kendall Roy’s actions really matter?

Kendall might feel better after calling out his father. But Strong points out that his position in the billionaire’s family — as well as in the business world — has already taken a huge hit.

Strong explained that Succession creator Jesse Armstrong compared the situation to Napoleon sitting in Moscow, and everyone has left the city. Kendall’s press conference was a sort of “Pyrrhic victory,” or something that comes at a great cost. And it may not be worth it.

“I’ve done ‘the thing,’ but if I don’t have support in a coalition, what is the value of it?” Strong asks about his character.

Kendall Roy’s press conference in the ‘Succession’ season 2 finale will have its consequences

Kendall’s big move definitely shook things up within the Roy family, and it’s clear a family civil war is coming. Not only is Logan scrambling in a fight to retain power, but his children have all been forced to choose sides. Even goofy cousin Greg (Nicholas Braun) is trying to make a move.

“Everyone’s got a version of the same ambition to get up there, to at least slot up a bit. And so I think Greg makes some nice moves himself this [season],” Braun revealed.

Season 3 of Succession premieres Sunday, October 17 on HBO.

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