All the Times Suga Proved He’s the Grandpa of BTS

Onstage, he’s a killer rapper but offstage, Suga loves to sleep just like everybody else. With over 7 years as a member of this K-pop group, it’s no surprise to BTS fans that Suga earned the nickname “old man.” Here are a few of the times that Suga lived up to his “grandpa” reputation.

Suga earned the title ‘the grandpa of BTS’ after spending time with the K-pop group

He may be known as Yoonie, Agust D, Lil meow, Lil Meow Meow, and Suga to some fans. Since his debut with the award-winning boy band, BTS, this K-pop idol and rapper earned a number of nicknames. One of which came from his love for sleeping, as fans fondly dubbed Min Yoongi the “grandpa” of BTS. 

“He is a sleepy boy. Also his mood varies often. He can get grumpy easily and cuss you out if you wake him up. But behind his grumpy and savage facade he is truly a cute and funny man. The other reason is because he is very wise. Also old men and women can be cute that is why they get away with having grumpy and savage attitudes,” one fan on Quora noted.

Suga of BTS visits The Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show
Suga of BTS visits The Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show | Steve Ferdman/Getty Images for Elvis Duran

There have been a few moments where Suga shared his love for sleep, in addition to his love for music

Suga truly lives up to his nickname. When BTS isn’t writing, recording, rehearsing, or performing their music, the members often share what they’re up to on social media. When the K-pop group postponed their tour as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Suga shared well-wishes with fans on social media, sharing that he’s staying healthy and sleeping well.

For one interview, some fans noticed that Suga was dozing off. During a separate interview, the K-pop group was asked what three words best describe them. For Suga, the three words he chose were eat, sleep, and work. We totally feel that. 

Is Suga the oldest member of BTS? 

Surprisingly, though, Suga is not the eldest member of this k-pop group. Jin is the oldest boy in BTS, although he often shows his youthful side by teasing the other members and making jokes. Suga is one of the rappers of this group, alongside J-Hope and RM.

Some fans are proud of their bias and his steadfast personality. On the other hand, some fans don’t like the nicknames given to BTS, particularly, calling Jin the “mom” of the group. That could be because these performers are much more than one personality trait that defines them. 

In Suga’s case, he is savage and sleepy, but he’s also incredibly passionate and talented. That shows through in his solo music and his work with BTS. The artist recently released a new mixtape as his alter-ego, Agust D, which is available on streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

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