‘Summer House’: Are Carl Radke and Kyle Cooke Still Friends With Luke Gulbranson?

Despite the explosive physical fight that erupts between Kyle Cooke, Carl Radke, and Luke Gulbranson, the Summer House trio still seem to be close friends.

The midseason trailer teased Cooke and Radke taking verbal jabs at Gulbranson. Eventually, Gulbranson becomes so enraged he storms toward the front door, screaming, “You think you’re tough? Let’s f**king go” to the cast. He seems to be trying to leave but somehow a huge brawl breaks out. The entire cast launches into a fight with producers scrambling to break it up. Lindsay Hubbard previously said “there was blood” so how is their friendship today?

Carl Radke, Lindsay Hubbard, Kyle Cooke during a theme party at the 'Summer House'
Carl Radke, Lindsay Hubbard, Kyle Cooke during a theme party at the ‘Summer House’ |Eugene Gologursky/Bravo

Carl Radke says Luke Gulbranson is a good guy

Radke recently discussed Hannah Berner’s engagement, sharing he’s on a group text with Cooke and Gulbranson. Radke sent the engagement announcement to Gulbranson and Cooke and shared that Gulbranson expressed that he was happy for Berner.

“Whether people like Luke or not this season, he is a good guy,” Radke told Access. “Deep down I think he’s got a great heart. I feel bad for him a little bit this year, he’s definitely taking a beating, I know what it’s like.”

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“But I think Luke’s a very mature guy,” Radke continued. “I think he’s happy for her and that’s all he wanted was for Hannah to be in a good relationship with a good guy. And Des [Bishop] seems to be that guy.” Gulbranson and Cooke also seem to be on good terms. They were recently seen together possibly filming Bravo’s Winter House.

Luke Gulbranson and Lindsay Hubbard are also on good terms

The midseason trailer also teases that Hubbard and Gulbranson may have had sex. Hannah Berner is seen telling Paige DeSorbo they had sex and the Hubbard also has a pregnancy scare. So where does Hubbard currently stand with Gulbranson?

“I absolutely adore Luke,” she told Style Caster. “He’s a genuinely good guy. I think he tends to get himself into some messy situations with girls and I’m no exception to that. You’re going to have to wait and see how that unfolds for yourself. Listen, we all do crazy things. We’re all human. I don’t regret anything, let’s just say that.”

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Hubbard also kicked off the season on Instagram Live with close friend Danielle Olivera and Gulbranson. The trio joked and laughed with each other, so Gulbranson and Olivera are likely also in a good place.

Luke Gulbranson isn’t on good terms with Hannah Berner

While Gulbranson wished Berner well on her engagement, she seems to have closed the door on any notion of a friendship.  “Luke and I do not speak because for me to have a healthy relationship with someone else, I can’t get involved with his stuff. He was never really a friend, and I can’t have a healthy relationship with another guy with him calling me all the time,” she recently told StyleCaster.

“If he was actually a guy friend, it’s cool,” she added. “But he’s someone who I was in a deep intimate emotional situationship with that wasn’t healthy for me. Even watching it now, I’m like, ‘Oh gosh. Thank God I put my foot down and never really looked back with that.’ As long as I would stay, he would stay messing around.”

Gulbranson’s relationship with Ciara Miller is still murky. They both seem to be filming Winter House together and still follow each other on Instagram. Miller is seen telling Gulbranson he’s “fake” in the mid-season trailer.