‘Summer House’: Carl Radke Reveals the Reason Behind the Blowout With Luke Gulbranson

Carl Radke from Summer House says the explosive fight teased in the midseason trailer has more to do with what Luke Gulbranson didn’t say this season.

A physical fight breaks out in the Summer House this season sparked by anger between Radke, Gulbranson, and Cooke. It results in an all-out brawl that involves not only the rest of the cast but the production crew. Producers are seen running into the house to restrain the cast, some of which were unsuccessful.

Both Cooke and Radke were seen taking verbal shots at Gulbranson. Radke doubted Gulbranson’s romantic relationships and Cooke accuses Gulbranson of being misogynistic.

Andy Cohen, Hannah Berner, Lindsay Hubbard, Luke Gulbranson, Amanda Batula, Kyle Cooke, Carl Radke during the 'Summer House' reunion
Andy Cohen, Hannah Berner, Lindsay Hubbard, Luke Gulbranson, Amanda Batula, Kyle Cooke, Carl Radke during the ‘Summer House’ reunion |Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

Carl Radke explains why the fight broke out with Luke Gulbranson

Why the tension between the guys? “The way I’ll tease it is this,” Radke shared on Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast. “We’re in a house where you can’t sneak anything by anybody. You know, being open and honest is just the best way of action.”

“I think Luke coming into the summer, having some baggage a little bit, so to speak, I think me and Kyle, we want Luke to have a good summer,” Radke continued. “We wanted him to get through some of the nonsense with the girls. And not that I’m dismissing the girls’ feelings or anything. For me and Kyle, we’ve spent four summers of having to own things, be responsible for our actions.”

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“Take accountability for how we’ve made people feel,” he added. “Accepting and acknowledging people’s feelings. And some of those things, I think we didn’t see Luke doing.” 

Kyle Cooke has busted on Luke Gulbranson about transparency in the past

This isn’t the first time Gulbranson was accused of holding back. Cooke needled Gulbranson last summer about transparency. Cooke asked Gulbranson about his relationship with Hannah Berner during an episode last season. When Gulbranson wouldn’t kiss and tell, Cooke got annoyed.

 “This kitchen scene,” Cooke wrote in a now-deleted tweet along with a crying/laughing emoji. “Luke forgot we are on a reality show and HAVE to ask questions. Otherwise yea. Awkward silence.”

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“I love you buddy but there’s no such thing as ‘this is our business’ on reality tv. I can show you 4 seasons of proof,” Cooke added. “Hope that clears up some of my frustration.”

Gulbranson responded, “Sometimes you will know and sometimes you won’t. That’s my choice. Just because you and Amanda share whatever u want that’s your choice. I’m not you or Amanda. I won’t say or do things because I’m on a tv show. Just an FYI. So u might be frustrated a lot.”

The ‘Summer House’ fight gets pretty intense

Apparently, another season of frustrations boiled over for Cooke. “There was blood,” Lindsay Hubbard told ET about the fight. “I don’t know how there was blood. There was a lot of, you know, boys talking through the walls to each other, a lot of yelling from the upstairs to the downstairs, and I was just in my room enjoying a cocktail.”

Somehow Hubbard got dragged into the mess as she and others tried to restrain Cooke, Gulbranson, and Radke. She also shared why producers tried to keep the fight inside the house.

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“I don’t know what’s happening, but if it makes it out to the driveway, that’s when there’s more space and more room, and less opportunity to contain and control the situation,” Hubbard shared.

“So, you know, we all just sort of launched at the guys to hold them back and I just happened to body-slam Kyle [Cooke],” she added. “And spider-monkey him and use my feet as leverage on the door and hold him from getting out the door. I can’t wait to see that footage alone, because I somehow became like a WWE champion.”