‘Summer House’: Carl Radke Supported Lindsay Hubbard and Austen Kroll’s Friendship – but Admits Watching This Season Could Be Tough

Now that Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard from Summer House shared that they are dating, what does Radke think of Hubbard and Austen Kroll’s rollercoaster romance/friendship?

Radke admitted that while he supported Lindsay’s friendship with Southern Charm‘s Kroll, he knows watching some moments during the upcoming Summer House season will be tough. The trailer teases that Kroll and Hubbard hook up at some point during the summer.

Carl Radke said he supportive of Lindsay Hubbard’s friendship with Austen Kroll

Hubbard and Kroll’s close friendship was tested during Winter House when they had planned to give dating a shot. Instead, Hubbard arrived late at the house and Kroll had already hooked up with Ciara Miller. Hubbard quickly moved on and ended up dating Jason Cameron. But apparently left the door open to the possibility of a hookup with Kroll.

Carl Radke admits watching Summer House this season will be tough seeing Lindsay Hubbard hook up with Austen Kroll
Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard from Summer House on the red carpet at BravoCon |Astrid Stawiarz/Bravo

“Obviously, I was very aware even going into the summer,” Radke told US Weekly about the relationship. “I knew Lindsay and Austen were very close. Prior to [Winter House] Vermont, I would hear Lindsay on the phone with Austen periodically, and they would FaceTime. You know, he’d FaceTime her at 12 o’clock at night at the bar.

He added, “They talked a lot, and I always was supportive of their friendship, and I even was like, ‘Yeah, you and Austen should have fun, go for it. I mean, do your thing.’ So I’ve always wanted Lindsay to be happy. I am protective of her, but also, she’s an adult. She can have her fun and I wanted her to have the best summer she could have because — based on both of our previous summers — I think we were all needing to let loose a little bit.”

But watching this season of ‘Summer House’ could be a little tough

Now that Radke and Hubbard are together, he admitted watching footage from the summer could be a challenge. “I’m sure there’ll be things that I watch back that’ll probably be a little tough, but I’ll be sitting next to her watching it,” he said.

“I always try to tell myself, like, ‘OK, yeah, these things happen, but where are we right now in this very moment?’ [I like to] be present to some degree,” he continued. “Yes, the show was filmed six, seven months ago, but I try to remain present and just remember where we are right now. I mean, we all have previous relationships, we’ve all had makeouts or hookups that have been on this show. So, it’s like, ‘What’s another one?’”

Another ‘Summer House’ and ‘Southern Charm’ cast member has a hard time watching the show

Radke won’t be the only cast member who has to watch his significant other hook up with someone else on the show. While Summer House Season 6 will show how Craig Conover from Southern Charm and Paige DeSorbo from Summer House finally start dating, she was still filmed hooking up with Andrea Denver.

Conover is friends with Denver but said he still doesn’t love watching DeSorbo kissing another guy. “I don’t ever get jealous,” he said on his Pillows and Beer podcast. “I get real jealous of Paige. Because of the life we live.”

DeSorbo joined Conover on his podcast and added, “Craig can’t watch a TV show anymore because …” she joked.

Conover clarified, “I won’t watch Summer House.”