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Hannah Berner from Summer House finally confronted Luke Gulbranson about feeling like she’s been played.

Lindsay Hubbard, Hannah Berner dining at a restaurant.
Lindsay Hubbard, Hannah Berner |Mark Sagliocco/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

Gulbranson returned this summer but brought along a new cast member, Ciara Miller. He was extremely coy about his relationship with Miller, but Berner learned during the latest episode that Gulbranson was FaceTiming and talking to Miller while he was supposedly dating Berner.

Berner finally explodes during a dramatic confrontation when Gulbranson insists he and Berner never dated.

Luke Gulbranson does not think he and Hannah Berner were dating

Berner felt compelled to pull Gulbranson and Miller aside when Gulbranson gushed about Miller’s delivery during Kyle Cooke’s birthday party. “Yeah, Ciara you owned it,” he said. “You’re not just a pretty face. Do you have a boyfriend?”

While the room laughed, Berner was deadly serious. “You have two girls in the house that you’ve had a thing with,” Berner tells Gulbranson in private, while Miller sits nearby. The rest of the cast remains in the other room but within an earshot.

Gulbranson plays it casual when Berner asks him how many girls he was talking to last summer. Berner reminds Gulbranson how into her he was last summer. “We were spending every night together,” she adds. “You were calling me two times a day.”

But Gulbranson said they had fun and a great connection. He loves her dearly but dropped this bomb: “Hannah we never dated,” he said. “We were never a couple.”

Luke Gulbranson and Hannah Berner’s exchange heats up

This news changes Berner’s demeanor as she was under the impression he was pursuing her for an actual romance. “We’ve had this conversation numerous times,” he insists. “But to this day I still flirt and have fun with you because that’s our relationship.”

Berner begins to get upset. “That could really f*ck a girl up,” she tells him. “I wanted to have fun with you but instead you wasted my time –” Gulbranson cuts her off. “I wasted your time, cool,” he said. “Choose your words wisely.”

“You were calling me every day,” Berner said in a whisper trying to choke back the tears. “Friends do not lie to each other. Friends would tell me if you are talking to other people. And you come here. You f*cking come here and rub her in my face and make me feel bad.”

This fight could make summer interesting

Miller remains silent wishing someone would butt in. “I’m like please help me,” she says about Paige DeSorbo and Amanda Batula who sit nearby, clearly listening. “Somebody butt in. Somebody! This is the wrong time for people to be minding their own business.”

Berner is starting to spiral out of control, telling Gulbranson he took advantage of her. “Took advantage of you?” Gulbranson said, perplexed. “Who was there for you when you were crying?”


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Berner stands and begs him, “Please leave me alone!”

The episode ends with Gulbranson taking a swig of his drink, adding, “Good God!”

Summer House is on Thursday at 9/8c on Bravo.