‘Summer House’: Hannah Berner Says Luke Gulbranson ‘Was Never Really a Friend’

Luke Gulbranson from Summer House played coy when Showbiz Cheat Sheet asked if he was still friends with Hannah Berner.

He seemed to have nothing but positive feelings for Berner and wished her the best on her engagement to Des Bishop.

But Berner has made it perfectly clear that not only is she no longer speaking to Gulbranson and they were never truly friends in the first place. When Berner and Gulbranson returned to the Summer House for season 5, she hoped the two would reconnect romantically. However, Gulbranson told Showbiz Cheat Sheet his understanding was that they reached common ground months earlier, deciding to remain just friends.

Luke Gulbranson, Hannah Berner at a party on 'Summer House'
Luke Gulbranson, Hannah Berner at a party on ‘Summer House’ | Eugene Gologursky/Bravo

Hannah Berner says Luke Gulbranson was never a friend in the first place

Berner insisted she and Gulbranson never had a true friendship. “Luke and I do not speak because for me to have a healthy relationship with someone else, I can’t get involved with his stuff. He was never really a friend, and I can’t have a healthy relationship with another guy with him calling me all the time,” she recently told StyleCaster.

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“If he was actually a guy friend, it’s cool,” she continued. “But he’s someone who I was in a deep intimate emotional situationship with that wasn’t healthy for me. Even watching it now, I’m like, ‘Oh gosh. Thank God I put my foot down and never really looked back with that.’ As long as I would stay, he would stay messing around.”

Hannah Berner says she ‘dodged a bullet’ with Luke Gulbranson

Berner said she is now thankful for the way the summer played out. She was initially upset when Gulbranson brought Ciara Miller to the house. But then she realized it was far too messy. “Their whole situation I learned stuff about that was like, ‘Oh, I really dodged a bullet,” she said on The Take On with Amir Yassai podcast.

“I literally sat down calmly and was like, this is the information I will let you explain yourself, I’ll let you apologize, I’ll let you do whatever,” Berner said about the confusion at the beginning of the season. “And his response was anger and to call me crazy.”

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Gulbranson told Showbiz Cheat Sheet he was the one left feeling confused. “So Hannah and I fizzled out,” he said. “We became really good friends and we drew a line in the sand and had a conversation about it. It was very clear to me she was dating other people and living her life. And that was it.”

“I was under the impression we were friends,” Gulbranson said. “And I’ve been very open and honest with her. She had a boyfriend going into the summer. So you just have to wait and see and watch things unfold throughout the season. But, yeah I think the audience will know and I definitely think it’s going to be entertaining.”

Summer House is on Thursday at 9/8c on Bravo.