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Former Summer House cast member Hannah Berner denied the rumor that she and fiancé Des Bishop called off their engagement.

The Instagram account Deux Moi recently shared the rumor about Berner and Bishop, which popped up on other Bravo Instagram accounts. Berner said that’s news to her and shared how she learned about the rumor.

Hannah Berner found out she ‘broke off’ engagement to Des Bishop at the Verizon store

Berner recently returned from a ski trip and her phone started to blow up. “So on Tuesday, we got back, we had a great time,” she recalled on her Giggly Squad podcast with Paige DeSorbo. “I go to the Verizon store and I’m on Instagram like waiting in line at the customer service line and I start getting bombarded with DMs. You know, asking me if me and Des broke up.”

Hannah Berner from 'Summer House' performed at a comedy club
Hannah Berner |Michael S. Schwartz/Getty Images

DeSorbo is now laughing. “I saw it,” she said. “I giggled and went onto the next slide. And I was like, that’s stupid.” Berner joked that DeSorbo should have responded it was true. “I’m like I can’t please respect our privacy,” DeSorbo joked.

She said podcast fans were very sweet

“I love the Gigglers so much because you can tell like they just saw something on the Internet,” Berner said. “So they were like, hey, we don’t want to trigger you by this. If it happened we are here for you. If not, we’re so sorry this rumor is going around. Like they were so sweet about it. It took me a while before I saw it.”

“And then to someone, I just wrote like a TikTok going like immediately, ‘No.’ Like, I was writing to people,” she said. “Then I guess people started to pick it up. And then the Internet, they spread this rumor and then they start spreading a rumor that I submitted it to get attention! Meanwhile, I’m still waiting in the customer service line.”

DeSorbo had a funny take on the rumor. “Whenever there’s like a fake rumor about me, Craig [Conover], like, my initial reaction is like, that’s crazy,” she said. “And then 30 seconds later, I’m like, Is that true? Did I sleep with …? Like when you saw that you guys broke up, did you like, look at him? Like, are we OK?”

Hannah Berner worried Des Bishop would be upset about the rumor

Berner said her personal trainer texted her too. “And then I’m afraid, like, oh no, poor Des is going to get upset because people think we broke up because we’re not like posting photos all the time,” she said. “But it’s like we were very public early on because of the show, and we’ve made a choice to be like, hey, we don’t have to anymore. So let’s enjoy a little privacy. Yeah. So I’m like, Oh no, Des is back getting bad DMs. I go back in and he just didn’t give a s***.”


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DeSorbo said it’s hard to avoid getting swept up in these online rumors. “I just hate when people take a lie and then use it to further like, push a bigger lie about you?” Berner said. “And it’s funny because I know even on reality view right now. Because of this. I’m going to say one thing that is a little bit of a hot take, but I have to say it. When accounts attack public figures or influencers or whatever being like they want attention and these accounts want attention too. Sure, they’re using a lie about me so they can get engagement on their post thing that I’m doing it for attention. And realistically, I’m trying to protect my f****** family.”