‘Summer House’: Is Hannah Berner Planning to Leave the Show Now That She’s Engaged?

Hannah Berner from Summer House recently admitted she isn’t entirely sure if she will return to the series next season sharing that she could be touring or even could consider taking a break.

She and Paige DeSorbo recently reflected on the impact filming a reality show had on DeSorbo’s relationship with Perry Rahbar. Viewers watched as DeSorbo and Rahbar drifted further apart, while she remained in the house and he was not part of the series. Berner said her future on the show is up in the air because of several factors she wants to consider before she’d sign back on, especially for another season like season 5.

Hannah Berner, Paige DeSorbo
Hannah Berner, Paige DeSorbo |True Entertainment/Bravo

Getting engaged is definitely a consideration to whether or not she’ll return

Berner got engaged to Des Bishop, which she said added another layer of complexity to her return. “Des is in an interesting situation where like he’s touring all summer,” she said on the Dear Media podcast Not Skinny But Not Fat.

“So like I might want to be drinking all summer, but then again, I might be touring this summer,” she pondered. “So like, things are still kind of up in the air, but like the experiences I’ve had with my friends at that house are so f**king crazy and unforgettable.”

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Berner acknowledged the challenges DeSorbo and Rahbar endured. “And I do think like Paige said how her and Perry, the six weeks, like was a pressure cooker for them. Like we didn’t sign up to like a six-week, Real World-type scenario.”

Hannah Berner hopes ‘Summer House’ goes back to the former format

Berner said she’d be more inclined to return next season if the series went back to the old format where the cast worked in the city all week and then filmed during the weekend in the Hamptons.

“Like I love like working during the week spending like two or three days then going home, calling my mom saying what happened, her talking me off the ledge call, like my other friends, figure it out, come back, new b*tch, calm, collected,” she said.

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“So like, if we go, I would just love to go back to weekends so I can like work,” Berner added. “Like my standup tour got canceled and I’m getting called like a lazy piece of sh*t. Like I just got fired. So I’m hoping it gets back in action.” 

Hannah Berner opened up about the future

Berner also shared that she plans to keep her last name when she gets married and is in no hurry to have kids.

“I’m trying to convince [Bishop] to have our kids have my last name,” she said. “Cause I’m like, what if my brother doesn’t have sons like the Berner named dies?” Like he doesn’t have an engagement ring walking around flirting with him and sh*t at the comedy clubs.”

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“And I’m just like, hmm but I’m here with this blinding ring,” she added. “Des basically was like, we’ll be like in the hot tub and he’ll be like, we don’t need kids soon. So I think we’re trying to enjoy this for a bit.”