‘Summer House’: Lindsay Hubbard Admits She Is Just Like Fans — She Has No Idea What She Did to Paige DeSorbo

Summer House has released the trailer for its two-part reunion. In the closing moments, host Andy Cohen calls out Paige DeSorbo for not making eye contact with Lindsay Hubbard — and she makes no apologies.

It’s true that the co-stars had their differences in season 6. But what remains unclear is what Lindsay did to Paige that caused them to end the reunion on bad terms. According to Lindsay, she has no idea what she did to Paige, either.

Summer House stars Carl Radke, Lindsay Hubbard, and Paige DeSorbo seated for the season 6 reunion
Carl Radke, Lindsay Hubbard, and Paige DeSorbo on the ‘Summer House’ Season 6 reunion | Charles Sykes/Bravo

The ‘Summer House’ Season 6 reunion trailer is loaded with drama over Austen Kroll

Southern Charm star Austen Kroll wasn’t part of the Summer House season 6 reunion. But the trailer makes it clear that he is still a hot topic of conversation. Austen’s love triangle with Lindsay and Ciara Miller is front and center in the two-minute clip, and Mya Allen still can’t figure out why her castmates were fighting over him.

“I also don’t get it,” Alex Wach said. “I don’t understand why you’re fighting so much for literally, like, the Honda Civic of male attractiveness.”

When Ciara is asked why she was more upset with Lindsay than Austen in the messy situation, Ciara claimed that Austen “did get an earful off of camera.” To which Lindsay replies, “Is that when you guys hooked up?”

Austen and Ciara first hooked up during Winter House season 1, and it was later revealed that Lindsay and Austen had also hooked up in the past. To make things more complicated, Lindsay admitted she still had feelings for him. When Austen showed up in the Hamptons during the summer, he got close to both women.

Lindsay Hubbard admits she has no idea what she did to Paige DeSorbo

The teaser also touches on the conflict between Lindsay and Paige, who is asked by Cohen about her comment comparing Lindsay’s summer activities to living in a brothel.

“Carl, I understand that you want to defend her the whole time, but she can talk,” Paige tells Carl Radke, Lindsay’s now-boyfriend. “What did you do all summer?”

At the end of the trailer, Cohen points out that Paige hasn’t “looked Lindsay in the eye once” during the reunion taping. To which Paige replies, “No.”

After the trailer dropped, Instagram fan page Comments By Bravo posted a screenshot of Lindsay and Paige from the reunion and wrote, “Winter House 2 filmed in February. Summer House reunion filmed in April. And I’m hearing Paige and Lindsay did not leave on a good note. Clearly!”

In response, Lindsay wrote, “When you find out why, let me know!”

Lindsay thought she had a good summer with Paige while filming ‘Summer House’ Season 6

Lindsay told Us Weekly that she thought she “had a good summer with Paige,” when filming wrapped. But when she started watching the episodes, she was surprised by what she saw.

“I legitimately left the summer [thinking], ‘Wow, Paige and I got along more than we have. We laughed and we shared more things with each other. We related on different topics more so than we have in past summers,'” Lindsay said.

“I was pretty surprised to see the amount of s–t talking that she did. She would say one thing to my face and then the door would close in her room and she would just, like, say all these nasty things about me.”

Part one of the Summer House reunion airs Monday, May 9 on Bravo.

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