‘Summer House’: Lindsay Hubbard Breaks Down and Reveals She Had a Miscarriage – ‘I Absolutely Would Have Had This Child’

After becoming defensive about her relationship with Jason Cameron from Winter House, Lindsay Hubbard is seen sobbing alone in her room during an emotional moment on the Summer House Season 6 premiere.

None of the cast members seem to know why Hubbard reacted the way she did until she finally tells Carl Radke that she learned she was pregnant – only to suddenly endure a miscarriage.

Lindsay Hubbard opens up to Carl Radke the day after the tense dinner

Knowing his friend is in pain, Radke goes to Hubbard’s room the day after she became upset during dinner. She still seems tearful as he helps her lace up a pair of sneakers. She admits to him she cried herself to sleep and Radke blames himself for “coming at” her during dinner. “I mean, you seem like you just didn’t want to talk about any of it,” he says to her.

Summer House Season 6 opens with Lindsay Hubbard sharing that she had a miscarriage.
Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard talk during a party on Summer House | Eugene Gologursky/Bravo

She says that if she says she’s single, people should leave it alone. But then adds that more occurred over the past couple of months with Cameron that is “really complicated.” Hubbard and Cameron struck up a playful romance midway through their Winter House experience. They planned to date after they left the house but had only been seeing each other for a few days before the season ended.

She reveals that she experienced a miscarriage

Hubbard decides she needs to tell Radke what happened. “Remember when I was telling you that something was up with my body,” she recalls. “I don’t know. It’s either this Covid vaccine is really f****** up my hormones or I’m pregnant.” Radke giggles.

“The next day I went to the gynecologist,” she continues. “And found out I was pregnant.” Radke’s expression suddenly changes to shock. “What?” he says. “Holy s***.” Adding, “Wow.”

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“Six weeks pregnant,” she says. “So I found out on a Monday that I was pregnant. And then by Tuesday night, I was having a miscarriage. And by Wednesday I was in the emergency room for like five hours.” Radke now looks pretty upset and shocked.

He wonders, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I wanted to tell you but at that time I wasn’t ready,” she admits. “I didn’t want to put that on you anyway.” Now Radke says he feels so “s*****” about the dinner. “Whenever you’re like that I knew there was something bigger,” he says. “But I just didn’t …”

Lindsay Hubbard shares she’s OK during an emotional ‘Summer House’ episode

She tells him not to worry. “It all happened so quickly that I wasn’t even able to even emotionally wrap my mind around the pregnancy portion before I was having a miscarriage, ” she recalls. Radke continues to look even more distressed, wondering if Cameron knows.

“Yeah,” she replies. “I told him immediately. But it’s not like I was trying [to get pregnant]. And it was hard to sit there yesterday and be like, ‘Yeah, I’m kinda seeing Jason.’ We had this like rollercoaster …” Radke agrees it had to have been horrible during the dinner for her. But she assures him that she’s fine and she’s OK.

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“I absolutely would have had this child,” she shares in a confessional, becoming emotional. “That was cool to feel that. And I like never thought that would happen like that for me. Because it’s something I’ve always wanted my entire life, to have a family. Jason was absolutely wonderful. But I also just needed to get through it on my own.”

She tells Radke she’s had an “insane” last month. “But I’m OK,” she says. Radke still looks upset and worried. “You know, for real, I’m here for you,” he says to her. They hug it out.

Summer House is on Monday night at 9/8c on Bravo.