SuperM Announces Comeback With Their Debut Studio Album ‘Super One’

Everybody stay calm, it’s finally happening. SuperM just announced they will have a comeback with their first full-length album. SuperM will release two singles before their debut studio album called “100” and “Tiger Inside.” Their upcoming album is titled Super One and drops on Sept. 25.

SuperM | Lester Cohen/Getty Images for Capitol Music Group

SuperM just announced their upcoming album

On Aug. 5, the Korean band announced their comeback on their social media channels. The first single from the album, “100,” will be released on Aug. 14. “Tiger Inside,” the album’s second single, will be released on Sept. 1.

Following the release of the two singles, Super One, the group’s debut album, comes out on Sept. 25. Super One follows their EP SuperM: The 1st Mini Album, which the group released on Oct. 4, 2019. The EP reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, making SuperM the first Korean group to ever debut at the No. 1 spot.

Based on everything the group accomplished with their debut, the anticipation and expectations for Super One are high. With the members being some of the most talented artists in K-pop, SuperM is no doubt up for the challenge of maintaining their chart domination.

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Each member has an individual teaser

For album promotions, the band has already released teasers for the individual members. On Aug. 6, teasers for both Lucas and Taemin were released. In the videos, Lucas and Taemin reflected on their journeys as artists and how their path in music led them to join SuperM.

“Since the day I dreamt of becoming a singer, there were things I thought about and longed for every single day,” Taemin said as he watched videos from SuperM’s debut.

On Aug. 7, the band released teasers for Taeyong, Kai, and Ten. All three members discussed their love of dance and how dance has become part of them.

“To dance is to express myself,” Ten said in his teaser as he painted. “With a myriad of colors that move to the beat, I paint a picture of my own through dance.”

Baekhyun and Mark’s teasers were released on Aug. 8. In Baekhyun’s teaser, he discussed the importance of practice and mastering a craft. Mark took on a slightly different subject matter and said he planned to enjoy his career at his own pace.

“I will no longer go full throttle. Instead, I will walk slowly, enjoying every step of the journey,” Mark said. “At my own pace, following my own rhythms.”

What fans know about the album

While the album will not be out until Sept. 25, fans already have an idea about the songs that will be included on Super One. On their past tour, the group performed multiple songs that do not have released studio versions, including “Dangerous Woman” and “With You.” They also performed “Dangerous Woman” on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and “With You” during One World: Together At Home.

During their “Beyond LIVE” virtual concert, SuperM gave fans a sneak peek of their album. They performed “Tiger Inside,” which fans now know is one of the singles from Super One. The group also gave fans a preview of different sub-unit songs from the album.