‘Survivor 41’: Brad Reese Caught Fish for His Tribe Shortly Before His Elimination

Due to the Luvu and Ua tribes winning the second immunity challenge of Survivor 41, they received fishing gear. Time didn’t allow viewers to watch the players test out their new equipment. However, a bonus scene followed Ua’s Brad Reese as he caught fish for his tribe shortly before they eliminated him.

Host Jeff Probst snuffs out Brad Reese's torch during 'Survivor 41'
Host Jeff Probst snuffs out Brad Reese’s torch at Tribal Council on the third episode of ‘Survivor 41’ | Robert Voets/CBS/Getty Images

Brad Reese infamously named his targets in front of them during the premiere episode

The Ua tribe won the opening challenge, receiving flint and meager supplies to get their camp started. Additionally, they had valuable time to build their shelter and bonds while the other teams had to complete another task for their tools.

However, the quiet times didn’t last as the tribe lost the first immunity challenge, earning a date with host Jeff Probst at Tribal Council.

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When the players scrambled around camp to figure out who would become the first boot, Brad Reese memorably suggested Shantel Smith and Sara Wilson, right in front of them. Despite the slip-up, the tribe agreed with him and eliminated the latter.

The rancher acknowledged the experience in a recent interview, calling it the “worst day of my life.” He also pointed out his “blunder” but admitted he couldn’t look Sara in her eyes and lie to her. 

He caught fish for the Ua tribe in ‘Survivor 41’ deleted scene

After cutting a member, the Ua tribe finished second at the next immunity challenge, successfully avoiding Tribal Council. Additionally, the group earned fishing gear as a reward.

However, likely due to time restraints, viewers didn’t see the tribe test out their new supplies. Featured in a deleted scene, the group returned from the challenge to find the gear.

Brad talked about the tribe morale in a confessional, noting they were “doing well.” He explained they couldn’t wait to test out their new equipment and described their time fishing as “relaxing.” As they explored, Genie Chen found an oyster, and Brad caught a few fish.

Although he wanted to find a few bigger ones, the rancher returned to camp with his findings. Acknowledging “it wasn’t much” to feed five players, Brad pointed out it helped them get something in their stomachs and enjoyed the taste.

Brad went home the following episode

While tending the fire during Survivor 41 episode 3, the rancher found an advantage that allowed him to sneak away at night where he would make a decision.

Excited to play the game, he took the opportunity and met up with Yase’s Tiffany Seely and Luvu’s Sydney Segal. There, they had another prisoner’s dilemma situation, and Brad earned the extra vote while nothing changed for the ladies.

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However, the rancher also found the Beware power that stripped his vote until a Luvu tribemate found their idol. Therefore, he couldn’t use the advantage.

Needing help from his allies, he divulged his information with Shan and Genie, wanting to team up against JD Robinson. But, Shan, who stood in the middle as a swing vote, sided with JD, eliminating Brad from the competition. Survivor 41 airs Wednesdays at 8/7 Central on CBS.