‘Survivor 41’: Deleted Scene Shows Tiffany Making Fire at Yase Camp on Day 2: ‘I Gave Them Life’

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for Survivor 41 Episode 1 elimination.]

The premiere episode of Survivor 41 focused on JD Robinson making fire for the Ua tribe. However, it didn’t show another contestant who did the same at the Yase camp. A deleted scene highlights Tiffany Seely giving her tribemates “life” by starting the fire on Day 2.

Tiffany Seely at the first Tribal Council of 'Survivor 41'
‘Survivor 41’ competitor, Tiffany Seely

‘Survivor’ premiere episode showed JD Robinson making fire

Season 41 incorporated a few changes, including a new beware advantage, no rice, penalties for losing immunity challenges, and only provided them with bare necessities, including one pot, one machete, and one flint.

The Ua tribe won the first challenge, earning their supplies off the bat, while the two other tribes had to complete another task when they went to camp.

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As they began building their shelter, JD Robinson rubbed a few tribemates the wrong way, namely, Ricard Foyé. He felt the young player came off as disingenuous with how he tried to connect with others.

However, JD, a superfan who explained he practiced using flint to create a flame before the season, saved himself for the moment by starting a fire for the tribe.

Tiffany Seely made a fire on Day 2

As the premiere episode focused on JD, it didn’t show another contestant who did the same for her group. A deleted scene shows the Yase tribe after David Voce and Xander Hastings earned supplies for the tribe by completing the task that required them to fill up two large buckets of water using smaller pans in a four-hour time limit.

Evvie Jagoda called it “total euphoria,” noting they finished the day with their supplies and nearly finished building their shelter. She explained the morale is high in the group, and they’ve begun working on starting a fire and finding food for the night.

Xander attempted but failed to spark a flame, so he gave it to Tiffany Seely to try. As the sun went down, the Yase tribemates still struggled to get their fire going, and Xander admitted in a confessional that he was “worried” they would look dumb.

When the sun came up on Day 2, the players still attempted to get the fire going before Tiffany struck the winning flame. She called it “crazy” and a “survivor moment” that she started the fire for the tribe in a confessional. She explained how important the fire is, joking, “I gave them life.”

She almost became the first boot of the season

Before the first immunity challenge, Tiffany called herself a “previvor” in a confessional, explaining she underwent surgery to successfully avoid breast cancer.

Originally an alternate, the player noted she wanted to show her kids they could do anything. The Yase tribe didn’t win immunity, forcing them to go to Tribal Council to vote a member off the island. Prior to the challenge, Eric Abraham, who prefers his last name, planted a seed to Liana Wallace that Tiffany didn’t do enough in their first task off the boat.

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Not wanting to lose her, Liana suggested they target Abraham instead. Her number one, Evvie, also prefers to work with Tiffany and went to work convincing the other tribemates to get rid of Abraham, despite the group noting they wanted to vote based on strength in challenges.

Tiffany also tried to save with an immunity idol and came dangerously close to finding the advantage host Jeff Probst previously hid there. Regardless, they pulled off the first blindside of the season as the group unanimously voted out Abraham, who admitted he didn’t see it coming. Survivor 41 airs Wednesdays at 8/7 Central on CBS.