‘Survivor 41’: Erika Casupanan Came up With the Merged Tribe Name; What Does It Mean?

Part of the tradition in Survivor includes the naming of the merged tribe. While past seasons have featured the moment, recent ones have left them out. A bonus scene captured Erika Casupanan coming up with the name, and she explained what it meant.

Erika Casupanan on the sixth episode of 'Survivor41'
‘Survivor 41’ castaway, Erika Casupanan | Robert Voets/CBS/Getty Images

A deleted scene included Erika Casupanan naming the merged tribe

On Day 15, the castaways hung out around camp and discussed the possible name of their merged tribe. Tiffany Seely suggested they only do handprints if they couldn’t figure it out.

However, Evvie Jagoda pointed out that Erika Casupanan previously told her she had an idea she couldn’t wait to share. After returning from retrieving water, Erika explained she wanted to name the tribe after something “they all have in common,” proposing “viakana,” the Fijian term for “hungry.”

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The players liked it and agreed, pointing out they can “be hungry for anything.” In her confessional, Erika explained she put naming the merged tribe on the top of her “Survivor bucket list” and research it before coming to the island.

Because host Jeff Probst didn’t give them rice as he usually does, she noted they’re “hungry for food” but also “hungry for the win.” Ricard Foyé and Naseer Muttalif mainly painted the sign, and everyone signed it before hanging it in front of their shelter.

After the Ua tribe shrunk down to two members, the castaways gathered for the next challenge. Probst teased the players that they could “drop their buffs” but admitted the typical merge they’ve watched in past seasons wouldn’t happen.

Instead, the contestants divided into teams, with Erika and Naseer, who pulled the odd rocks sitting out, to compete for the feast and immunity.

The winning team sent Erika to Exile, where Probst presented her with a game-changing opportunity. If the former Luvu tribemate smashed the hourglass, it would reverse the outcome of the challenge, giving her and the losing team immunity.

She took advantage of it, forcing the former winners to compete again for safety and a spot in the merged tribe.

Erika inadvertently caused rival Sydney Stegal’s elimination 

During the season, Luvu won every challenge, resulting in them not visiting Tribal Council until they merged. Erika threw around the idea of targeting Sydney, noting her strengths and wanting to pull a big move.

Therefore, she suggested they throw the challenge to Deshawn Radden. Closer to Sydney, he warned her about Erika’s plan, and they planned to blindside her. However, the group failed to throw the challenge, so it never came to fruition.

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When Erika smashed the hourglass, it made Sydney vulnerable, who narrowly lost the immunity challenge. After unsuccessfully attempting to steal Xander Hasting’s idol, the majority alliance split their votes between Sydney and their target, Evvie.

Knowing she was in danger, Sydney forfeited her crucial vote to play her Shot in the Dark, but it didn’t work. With one more vote than Evvie, Sydney ended up going home. As Erika is the one who changed the course of events, she inadvertently caused her rival’s elimination. Survivor 41 airs Wednesdays at 8/7 Central on CBS.