‘Survivor 41’: Many Fans Are Complaining About the ‘Unfair’ Knowledge Is Power Advantage

Survivor 41 has introduced several new advantages, but the recent Knowledge is Power ability has fans talking. The new power allows the holder to steal someone’s idol by simply asking if they have one. However, the person cannot lie. Many viewers consider the advantage “overpowered” and “unfair,” while others believe it will backfire on the holder.

Shantel Smith and Liana Wallace on the fifth episode of 'Survivor 41'
‘Survivor 41’ players, Shantel Smith and Liana Wallace | Robert Voets/CBS/Getty Images

Liana Wallace won the Knowledge is Power Advantage during ‘Survivor 41’

During the Oct. 20 episode, Shantel Smith and Liana Wallace were selected to make the journey up a mountain to risk their vote for an advantage or play it safe.

Throughout their trek, the ladies bonded over playing the game as Black women and Shan opened up about her mother’s death.

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Trusting Liana and knowing she couldn’t risk her vote, Shan offered to protect so her new ally could receive an edge. The Yase tribemate won the Knowledge is Power which allows her to ask a player if they have an advantage or an idol. According to the rules, the contestant cannot lie.

If they have either asset, the player must give it to the advantage holder. The person has to ask the competitor at Tribal Council before the votes are cast, and it’s valid until the final six.

Many fans believe the advantage is ‘overpowered’ and ‘unfair’

Shortly after the episode, several fans took to social media to complain about the advantage, considering it one of the most impactful to be introduced in the game.

Liana already knows Yase tribemate Xander Hastings has an idol because she went through his bag. She also read the attached note and knows who else has one due to the phrases the players already said to activate them.

One user pointed this out, noting Liana didn’t have to do anything for the potent advantage that gives her an idol while ruining another player’s game.

They also compared it to “super idols” that allow the contestant to play it after the votes are read, as they believe the advantage gives the holder “double protection.” Many fans agreed, with one also calling it “unfair” as they think it’s “an idol nullifier that gives you an idol when you play it.”

Others think it might backfire on Liana

On the other hand, other fans argue the advantage isn’t as “overpowered” as many have complained. One viewer explained that while the power gives her an idol, it “forces” her to upset someone by stealing it from them.

Additionally, all Tribal Council attendees will now know the advantage holder, Liana, has the idol as she has to ask the player in front of everyone. Someone else agreed, noting the situation might “benefit” Xander in the long run.

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According to one user, the Yase tribe knows he has the idol, but if Liana steals the protection, it might remove the target off his back and onto her. Therefore, she might inadvertently save Xander by taking his idol and become the next eliminated player herself.

Overall, the majority of fans agreed they have to watch the unprecedented power to play out first. Survivor 41 airs Wednesdays at 8/7 Central on CBS.