‘Survivor 41’: Heather Aldret Admitted to Fabricating Dream as Reason to Target Sydney Stegal

Survivor 41 Luvu tribemate Heather Aldret hasn’t been featured much in the season. However, she is still playing the game back at her camp. In a bonus scene, the contestant admitted to lying about a dream to use it as a reason to target Sydney Segal when they finally attend a Tribal Council. 

Heather Aldret on 'Survivor 41'
Heather Aldret competes on ‘Survivor 41’ | Robert Voets/CBS/Getty Images

Sydney Segal and Heather Aldret are tribemates are on Luvu

Danny McCray, Deshawn Radden, Erika Casupanan, Heather Aldret, Naseer Muttalif, and Sydney Segal combined to create the Luvu tribe.

After getting off to a rocky start during the kickoff mission when they didn’t realize their boat was tied, the group has gone on to win every immunity challenge. They hadn’t attended Tribal Council yet and were the last tribe to locate their idol as the group hadn’t needed it.

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Even when Danny and Deshawn attempted to throw a challenge, Naseer nearly single-handedly won, continuing their streak. As of episode 5, they are the only team tribe that still has all its members. So far, the team had lost one challenge, a reward when Heather failed to advance past the first section.

After she broke down in tears, her tribemates, including host Jeff Probst, encouraged her and congratulated her for trying.

Heather admitted she’s using a fabricated dream as a reason to target Sydney

Although it seems they get along well as they haven’t had to turn on each other yet, rifts have already started to form. In a bonus scene, Sydney and Deshawn went to get water on Day 4, and she explained a dream Heather apparently had.

According to the tribemate, Heather dreamed that Sydney stole her torch and believes it’s a “premonition” that she’s the first out when they attend their first Tribal Council. Therefore, she can’t trust Sydney.

The ladies attempted to talk about it while tending their fire, and Sydney joked to Heather that she shouldn’t let her dream “ruin their harmony.”

In a confessional, Heather admitted she made the vision up as a reason to go after Sydney because she doesn’t “trust” her tribemate. She explained she hopes others will sense the energy and want to target Sydney as well.

Erika recently said she wanted to go after Sydney

During the Oct. 13 episode, a few days after Heather’s admission, Erika approached Deshawn with the idea of throwing a challenge to go to Tribal Council, wanting to vote out Sydney.

Because the group won all the immunity challenges, Erika felt they hadn’t had the chance to play, which is what she wanted to do. Already aligned with Sydney because she previously warned him about Naseer coming after him, Deshawn promptly told her and his assumed number one ally Danny about what Erika suggested.

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Therefore, they attempted to throw the challenge to blindside her, deeming Erika as someone they couldn’t trust after the merge. However, Naseer wouldn’t let it happen as he didn’t want them to lose their fire.

Despite the tribe still having all their members, tribemates already have targets in mind. How will it shake out? Survivor 41 airs Wednesdays at 8/7 Central on CBS.