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Survivor 41 is less than a month away from its premiere, and Jeff Probst is already hyping up fans for what he describes as a “dangerous” season. What’s more, Survivor 41 will see a shift away from themed seasons and twists that often dominate new seasons and a return to the roots of the show’s most basic and intense survival aspects. Jeff Probst has since explained why the show did away with themed seasons, and what to expect from the upcoming Survivor 41.

What makes ‘Survivor 41’ dangerous?

Jeff Probst, host of 'Survivor 41' sits and smiles during tribal council
Jeff Probst says Survivor 41 is a departure from the norm | CBS via Getty Images

Survivor 41 will be welcoming 18 new faces to the game, and will also be shortening the length of the game from 39 days to 26 — a pretty sizable reduction. This, combined with some other dramatic changes to the game, will see a season that Jeff Probst describes as “dangerous.” The host says castaways’ mental and physical fortitude will be stretched to their limits.

“We accelerated the pace by changing the game to 26 days and then adjusting every aspect of the game to ensure those 26 days were unrelenting,” Jeff Probst told Parade.

Survivor 41 will also see changes to its social and political game, as votes are no longer guaranteed — Jeff Probst says that castaways are almost always at risk.

“The tribes are not given any daily food staple, and Reward Challenges are scarce. This had a tremendous impact immediately as their mental and physical energy is instantly challenged. And votes are often at risk, which means you can’t ever rely on how many votes your alliance will have at any Tribal Council,” Probst explained. 

What’s more, it seems there will now be two sides to every coin — even with advantages and rewards.

“And advantages now often come with massive risks. In order to earn an advantage, you have to successfully navigate something risky. This is a new version of Survivor. There is no way to compare past seasons.”

“I’m trying to remind players to just keep moving and beat the game. It is fast. You’ve got to earn everything. And even then, there’s no guarantees that you’ll keep it. That’s Survivor right now, so buckle up,” Probst told Us Weekly

Why ‘Survivor 41’ ditched themed seasons 

Jeff Probst on ‘Survivor: Winners at War,' wearing one of his signature blue button downs and smiling
Jeff Probst on ‘Survivor: Winners at War’ | CBS via Getty Images

Jeff Probst says that Survivor 41 doing away with themed seasons is the mark of a new era — the host suggests that these twists and themes had their place, but Survivor is becoming more and more about the core game and the players themselves.

“The new players and the gameplay will define each season, much like a Super Bowl or any other regular sporting event,” Probst explained to Parade.

According to Probst, this has been in the works since Winners at War, which was a sort of capstone for Survivor as fans knew it at the time. Bringing together the best of the best was a way to send off the Survivor everyone knew, and to welcome a new era.

“We really felt we had gotten everything we could out of that version of Survivor. We wanted to go out with one final battle, and thanks to our amazing group of winners, I think we did!  Every single player gave everything they had, and it resulted in one of our very best seasons,” Probst explained.  

Jeff Probst says there’s always backlash to changes


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While Survivor 41 will be a big departure from what many fans are accustomed to, it sounds like it will be a breakneck, thrilling season. However, Jeff Probst says there’s always backlash from some diehard fans when the game changes. And he expects Survivor 41 to be no different. 

“There’s a history on Survivor. Every twist we’ve ever done people have hated in the beginning, going to back to Season 3 when we did the first tribe swap. Now if tribes don’t get a switch, they’re upset. It was the same with the idol, it’s the same with everything,” Probst explained to Us Weekly. 

That being said, the changes to Survivor 41 sound refreshing. With fewer convoluted themed twists in play, castaways and audience members can focus on the core aspects of the game — the reasons they came to love Survivor in the first place.