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Every castaway wants to be in the majority alliance on Survivor. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be issues. Shan Smith got into some drama in the latest episode, and the teaser promises there is more to come.

[Spoiler alert: Survivor Season 41 Episode 8 spoilers ahead.] 

The Black castaways formed an alliance on ‘Survivor 41’

Danny McCray, Deshawn Radden, Liana Wallace, and Shantel “Shan” Smith made it to the merge. It didn’t take long for them to form an alliance.

“I’m just really, really nervous, and the only person that really seems reliable is Liana,” Shan said in her confessional. “Liana and I really bonded on the journey and the excursion, so I feel like I can trust her. And then I do really like Danny and Deshawn.”

Danny and Deshawn liked the sound of all the Black people working together. “Let’s do it and keep it really low,” Deshawn said. 

The alliance had the majority since they also had their former tribe members as votes. It was everyone against the remaining members of Yase, which are Xander Hastings, Tiffany Seely, and Evvie Jagoda.

Shan and Deshawn butt heads

“Betraydar” showed the cast regrouping after an awkward Tribal Council. Shan made it known she wanted Evvie to go home next. The problem is Evvie won immunity.

Shan then wanted to split the votes between Xander to flush out his idol and Tiffany will go home. However, Deshawn wanted to consider splitting the votes between Naseer Muttalif and Tiffany instead. Shan immediately shut this down because Naseer has been helpful around camp and voted for them. She also insisted Xander is dangerous because he has an extra vote and an idol. But Deshawn felt like his voice didn’t matter and was upset. Shan later told him that she’d listen to him more, and they hugged it out.

Everyone went to Tribal, and Heather Aldert surprised everyone by trying to flip the vote. Shan was upset at this and told everyone to vote for Heather. This then made Deshawn upset. He agreed to put down the vote, but he was unhappy, and Shan tried to fix it.

In the end, Tiffany went home. But you can only imagine things are going to be awkward after that.

Will the majority alliance implode in the next episode?

Shantel Smith and Liana Wallace on the fifth episode of 'Survivor 41'
‘Survivor 41’ players, Shantel Smith and Liana Wallace | Robert Voets/CBS/Getty Images

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The teaser for the next episode showed Shan and Deshawn are still at odds. She tells someone that she’s done bending backward for him. Deshawn tells someone in another clip that he’s done with the team.

This isn’t surprising since Shan was ready to change the plan last minute without consulting Deshawn and the rest of her alliance. But soon, we’ll find out if the alliance is completely broken or if Liana and Danny can convince them they need each other.