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After Survivor 41 Episode 4, many fans are sure a clear winner has emerged. While others believe it’s too early to tell, some are just as positive that the frontrunner only serves as a decoy for an “underdog.”

Tiffany Seely, Xander Hastings, and Shantel Smith on 'Survivor 41'
‘Survivor 41’ players, Tiffany Seely, Xander Hastings, and Shantel Smith | Robert Voets/CBS/Getty Images

Many fans are convinced Shantel Smith will win ‘Survivor 41’

Ua tribe’s Shantel Smith started the season off strong, quickly integrating herself with her other tribemates, which helped her avoid becoming the first boot.

She became the number one confidant of nearly all her teammates and served as the deciding factor for who goes home in the three Tribal Councils they’ve attended.

Due to her impressive edit so far, many viewers are sure Shan will walk away with the million-dollar prize. Some fans don’t think any other players have edits that put them in contention with Shan. For example, one Reddit user explained the premiere episode introduced viewers to her occupation, strategy, and habit of humming a tune when being sneaky.

It gave the viewers personal content, reasons behind her gameplay and endeared the audience to her. Additionally, they noticed that she had “necessary” confessionals in nearly every episode and emotional range that “ties” into her strategy. The user also doesn’t view her edit as too over the top and believes she doesn’t have the “red flags” that would place her as a decoy. However, others disagree as they think it’s too early to determine a clear-cut winner.

Some viewers think she’s a decoy for Tiffany Seely

Additionally, many are confident the future champ will come from the more “complex” tribe, Yase. Some viewers consider Shan a decoy for Tiffany Seely, believing the “underdog” will be the “mastermind” at some point in the game.

One fan detailed why they think the edit actually represents Tiffany as the winner, explaining her introduction had flashbacks and “personal content.” Additionally, they believe her consistent confessional count marks her as a “key player” but not over the top, such as how they perceive Shan’s.

The user also pointed out that she has received an equal amount of strategic and personal content, unlike other players that fit her same “archetype.” Although the edit seemingly painted Tiffany as paranoid and confused during episode 2, the fan noted she still got her way when wanting to vote out David Voce.

Finally, the Yase tribemate received a “positive” edit when she had difficulty completing the challenge and believes the producers put a higher level of care into her edit.

Tiffany started a fire for her tribe in a deleted scene

Shortly after arriving at camp on Day 1, two Yase tribemates had to fill up two large buckets of water using much smaller pans in a four-hour time limit to earn flint and other meager supplies.

Xander Hastings and Voce completed it, evoking a feeling that Evvie Jagoda described as “total euphoria.” According to the player, the tribe earned their supplies by the end of the day and almost finished building their shelter. She also noted the morale is high within their tribe as they’ve already begun working on getting a fire going and finding food for the night.


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First, Xander tried to start the fire but failed to get a spark after several tries. He then passed it to Tiffany to try. The sun went down, and they still hadn’t started the fire, which began to worry a few players. During his confessional, Xander admitted he was concerned about looking dumb for not getting a flame going.

Tiffany finally started the fire the following day, calling it “crazy” and a “Survivor moment.” She also joked, “I gave them life.” Survivor 41 airs Wednesdays at 8/7 Central on CBS.