‘Survivor 41’: Fans Are Living for a Secret Scene Featuring Xander Tattling on Liana to Shan

When Xander Hastings lost his ability to vote after finding the immunity idol during Survivor 41, Liana Wallace wanted to target him. However, she cried after it fell through, considering it a potential “million-dollar mistake.”

Xander and Liana had had a love-hate relationship ever since that intensified when searching for idols in a secret scene.

Shantel Smith, Liana Wallace and Xander Hastings talk while holding sticks on 'Survivor 41'
Shantel Smith, Liana Wallace, and Xander Hastings on ‘Survivor 41’ | Robert Voets/CBS/Getty Images

Liana Wallace and Xander Hastings battled it out during an idol hunt

After Naseer Muttalif left the competition with an idol in his pocket, Xander Hastings arose early the next day, hoping the advantage re-entered the game.

He attempted to sneak out of camp in search of it, but Deshawn Radden and Liana Wallace followed him. In a Survivor secret scene shared on the All Winners Survivor YouTube channel, the group began idol hunting together. Liana stayed close behind Xander.

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When he tried to reach for something, she would attempt to grab it over him. In a confessional, he admitted her physicality “surprised him” as he felt they were “tussling like siblings” throughout the idol hunt.

The two got into a bit of debate over who pushed who, and Xander decided he wanted to get under Liana’s skin differently. Knowing that Liana had insecurities regarding her lack of power in the game, the former tribemate approached Shantel Smith about the situation to prove he thought she was “in charge.”

Many viewers consider the Liana, Xander, and Shantel Smith interaction ‘hilarious’

Shan encouraged the two to work it out through better communication but made it known she considered her close ally her “own strong woman.” Liana agreed, noting she would do whatever she wanted to do before walking away from the conversation.

Many viewers enjoyed watching the secret scene, with one tweet calling the tussling and tattling “hilarious.” One fan admitted they thought Liana “gives off rival little sister energy” and believed Xander handled it best by telling Shan.

Someone else claimed Liana “ended” her former Yase tribemate, while others disagree, only considering it a “funny” interaction. Another viewer quote tweeted the video, claiming the two are more interested in “re-enacting a John Hughes movie” than playing the game.

Referring to their actions as “high school,” one fan thought only Liana behaved childishly. However, another viewer disagrees, considering Xander’s move to tell Shan an immature one.

Liana has targeted Xander since the beginning of ‘Survivor 41’

Liana and Xander started as tribemates on Yase, but she aligned with the other females, Tiffany Seely and Evvie Jagoda. When they found out Eric Abraham wanted Tiffany to become the first boot, the ladies sacrificed brawn for friendship and flipped it on him.

Xander then found an immunity idol that revoked his right to vote until the other tribes located their advantage. Needing allies, he told Evvie about it, and she shared the information with the other ladies. Evvie considered it their perfect opportunity to eliminate the physical threat. However, Evvie realized she had Xander’s trust, and they decided to boot David Voce instead.

After his eviction, Liana cried about the missed opportunity, admitting she might never have the chance again. The tribe then hit a winning streak, avoiding Tribal Council until the merge. Even though the Yase tribemates had gotten closer, she felt connected to Shan Smith. Liana aligned with her, effectively turning her back on her former allies.

She then attempted to use her advantage to steal Xander’s idol. However, he tricked her with a fake one, only increasing her desire to get him out of the game. However, he has managed to stay under the radar by winning immunity and waiting for other alliances to implode. 

Survivor 41 airs Wednesdays on CBS.

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