‘Survivor 41’: The Yase Tribe Believes Their Fun Antics at Camp Result in Challenge Victories

Survivor 41’s Yase tribe started the season off poorly as they failed to locate the color-coded paddles needed to complete the kickoff mission. After attending two Tribal Councils back-to-back, the tribe has managed to avoid losing another immunity challenge. During a bonus scene, the four-person team explained they believe their “fun” times at camp and good morale have translated into their success.

Eric Abraham, David Voce, Xander Hastings, Evvie Jagoda, Tiffany Seely, and Liana Wallace compete 'Survivor 41' Yase tribe
‘Survivor 41’ Yase tribe: Eric Abraham, David Voce, Xander Hastings, Evvie Jagoda, Tiffany Seely, and Liana Wallace | Robert Voets/CBS/Getty Images

The Yase tribe started ‘Survivor 41’ badly

During the kickoff challenge, the Yase tribe, consisting of Eric Abraham, David Voce, Xander Hastings, Evvie Jagoda, Tiffany Seely, and Liana Wallace, performed horribly as they failed to locate a color-coded paddle.

The group then lost the first immunity challenge, immediately having to figure out who they would eliminate. Evvie wanted to work with the ladies, so they decided to target Abraham first because he suggested they vote out Tiffany.

They also lost the following challenge and initially agreed to blindside Xander as he had advantages. However, they ultimately decided to go with Voce.

The tribe has turned their luck around by placing in the top two in the immunity challenges, avoiding Tribal Council.

They believe their fun antics at camp has translated into victories

A bonus scene captured the group doing a morning drum circle, led by Tiffany, on Day 11. Evvie commented on the newfound commodity in a confessional, noting they’re a group that “works really well together.”

Additionally, she pointed out she feels they get along well and “enjoy each other’s company” while at camp. Xander agreed in his confessional, including that he thinks “having fun” and remaining a high-energy tribe has “bred success” for them.

While Liana noted she enjoys playing and strategizing, she pointed out that it’s “about having fun, too.” She explained she thinks they shouldn’t “get stuck in the game” as it’s crucial to “build relationships” needed to make it through Tribal Council. Finally, Tiffany agreed that they all “vibe well” and manage to have a good time.

Even though they feel “delirious,” she said the tribemates “laugh consistently.” Additionally, Tiffany believes good morale is essential because “spirit is everything out here.”

Tiffany Seely started the fire for the camp during Day 2

The premiere episode of Survivor 41 focused on JD Robinson making fire for the Ua tribe. However, it didn’t include Tiffany, who did the same for Yase.

A bonus scene showed their tribe after David and Xander completed the task to earn the group their starting supplies. Evvie described the moment as “total euphoria,” explaining the tribemates finished the challenge and almost completed building their shelter before the day ended.


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Therefore, they wanted to work on starting a fire and finding food for the night. After Xander attempted to spark a flame, he passed the flint off to Tiffany, who tried until the sun went down.

She finally got the fire going the following day, calling the experience “crazy” and a “Survivor moment” in a confessional. Tiffany also talked about the importance of fire in the game, joking, “I gave them life.” Survivor 41 airs Wednesdays at 8/7 Central on CBS.