‘Survivor 42’ Episode 5 Sneak Peek: Tori Meehan Admits She’ll ‘Jump Ship’ at First Opportunity

In the Survivor 42 Episode 5 sneak peek, Romeo Escobar attempts to explain to Rocksroy Bailey why they excluded him from the Swati Goel vote. When trying to convince one another they needed to stay “strong,” Tori Meehan admitted she’d become “the first person to jump ship” at the next opportunity.

Tori Meehan and Rocksroy Bailey talking during an episode of 'Survivor 42'
‘Survivor 42’ tribemates Tori Meehan and Rocksroy Bailey | Robert Voets/CBS/Getty Images

‘Survivor 42’ Episode 5 sneak peek shows Ika after voting out Swati Goel

On Night 9, immediately following Survivor 42 Episode 4’s Tribal Council, in which the majority of Ika voted out Swati Goel, the remaining four went back to their camp.

Tori Meehan quickly thanked Romeo Escobar and Drea Wheeler for saving her, a pleasantry the others seemed to ignore. Romeo revealed they blindsided Rocksroy Bailey during a confessional, who wrote down Tori’s name, as they didn’t tell the stay-at-home dad they planned to eliminate Swati.

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The pageant coach doesn’t consider Rocksroy a good “social player” and believes the 44-year-old would vote for Tori regardless.

Back at the camp, Romeo explained his logic behind targeting Swati, revealing that the 19-year-old called everyone her number one ally. Therefore, he considered her the biggest threat but knew Rocksroy would not write down Swati’s name.

Tori Meehan admits she’ll become the ‘first person to jump ship’ during ‘Survivor 42’ Episode 5 sneak peek

During the conversation, Rocksroy seemed understanding, telling Romeo he’s “glad” they “weeded” the double agent out, noting he wouldn’t have wanted to keep her around if he knew she played “both sides of the coin.”

However, he admitted he felt “betrayed” and “got duped” by his allies in a confessional. He also pointed out his lacking social game, noting he “didn’t see it coming.”

Speaking to the rest of the tribe, Rocksroy owned up to his inability to pick up on certain “social cues,” and Romeo attempted to console him by pointing out that he has allies in the game. Additionally, Drea noted they needed to remain a “strong” group of four moving forward.

While they spoke, Tori mouthed “no” in the darkness, later clarifying in a confessional that she finds the idea of them working together comical. The Arkansas-based therapist continued, admitting she’ll become the “first person to jump ship” when she sees the opportunity.

Will Drea regret not eliminating Tori during ‘Survivor 42’ Episode 5?

Following Jackson Fox’s disqualification, Ika became the first tribe to attend Tribal Council after losing the immunity challenge. Although Zach Wurtenberger connected with Tori as part of the younger tribe members and had a separate “skinny guys” alliance with Romeo, he became the first casualty following an unsuccessful Shot in the Dark play.

Despite his seemingly social game, he, and the other tribemates, blamed him for blowing the puzzle and a chance at immunity. The tribe avoided Tribal Council twice more until they blew a lead during the fourth challenge.

After learning she won an extra vote, Swati began working with Tori to blindside Drea. However, that plan went out the window when the Arkansas native exposed it to other tribe members. She then revealed Swati as the mastermind, drawing more attention to the 19-year-old who previously told everyone she considered them her closest ally.

Believing they couldn’t trust her anymore, the tribemates, excluding Rocksroy, voted to eliminate Swati instead of Tori. However, Drea had stressed her hunch that she could have made the wrong decision and should’ve ousted Tori when she had the chance. Survivor 42 airs Wednesdays on CBS.

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