‘Survivor 42’: Jeff Probst Said Daniel Strunk Should’ve Never Said This in Episode 3

Survivor 42 Episode 3 featured a couple of first-ever moments in the franchise, including host Jeff Probst historically calling to stop a challenge. After the episode, he discussed the chaotic Tribal Council that nearly ended in rocks and explained where he thought Daniel Strunk went wrong.

Daniel Strunk grabbing the arm of Hai Giang as they talk during Tribal Council
‘Survivor 42’ players Hai Giang and Daniel Strunk | Robert Voets/CBS/Getty Images

Jeff Probst thought Daniel Strunk gave away his ‘bargaining power’ in ‘Survivor 42’ Episode 3 tribal council

An intense immunity challenge ultimately sent Vati to their first Tribal Council on Day 7. As they were on the losing side of protecting or risking your vote opportunity on the summit, Jenny Kim and Chanelle Howard couldn’t vote.

Additionally, Mike lost his vote due to his beware advantage. The decision came down to a tie between Lydia Meredith and Jenny, with Daniel Strunk and Hai Giang making the final choice.

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Desperate not to “draw rocks,” as it would leave his place in the game up to fate, Daniel quickly folded and agreed to send ally Jenny home. Following the episode, host Jeff Probst discussed with Entertainment Weekly where he felt the law clerk went wrong, noting he “is the first to speak and with his two-sentence declaration, he essentially ends the negotiation before it can begin.”

He pointed out that Daniel immediately gave away his “bargaining power” during his opening campaign as Hai only had to stick to his guns and threaten to leave it to the rocks. With that, Probst believes Daniel lost an ally and wonders how he will recuperate. However, the host also added, “Hai won the battle, but the war is far from over.”

Episode 3 included another ‘Survivor’ first

Vati’s Day 7 tribal council is the first in which multiple members entered without the ability to vote. Survivor 42 Episode 3 featured another historic moment as production had to stop an immunity challenge due to the intense water swells.

After Jonathan Young’s dominating performance propelled Taku to the win, the two other tribes struggled before Probst made the first-ever call to end the challenge and have the teams restart from the final checkpoint to determine the group attending Tribal Council.

Also speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the host explained the tribes fought the ocean’s waves for 22 minutes before the crew called to stop the challenge.

Although the host pointed out the players’ determination to complete the challenge, he explained they stopped it because they noticed the worsening conditions and “knew that they had exhausted themselves to the point of simply not having enough strength left to finish.”

Daniel dislocated his shoulder during the opening challenge of ‘Survivor 42’

When the cast arrived on the island to meet the celebrated host and start their Survivor journey, they immediately had to face off for Flint in a relay-based opening challenge.

When running back to his tribemates, Daniel fell and dislocated his shoulder. After Ika pulled out the victory, the medical professionals assessed him and explained they could put his shoulder back into place without having to disqualify him.

The Connecticut native, who his Wiki page describes as applying to the competition show since his 18th birthday, didn’t want to miss out on his dream and allowed the doctors to put it back into place painfully.

He has competed in a couple of more challenges, including the Probst had to stop, although he has commented about it still nagging him. Survivor 42 airs Wednesdays on CBS.

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