‘Survivor 43’: Why Cody’s Cliff Jump Was Gross, According to Alums

There is one castaway that seems to be enjoying living away from society on Survivor 43. But alums revealed a gross fact about Cody Assenmacher’s impressive jump off a cliff.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for the Survivor 43 premiere episode 2.] 

Cody is thriving on the island in ‘Survivor 43’

Cody Assenmacher from 'Survivor Season 43' stands in a t-shirt on the beach.
Cody Assenmacher from ‘Survivor Season 43’ | Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

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Cody talked about growing up in a small town in Iowa. He had a close friend growing up who was sick and lost his leg. So he asked Noelle Lambert about her prosthetic. The salesman said he takes risks after watching his friend go through that. 

“I’m gonna play Survivor as hard and as fast as I can just like I do my life,” Cody said in his interview. “I don’t let a day go by out here without really living. There’s not a day I’m gonna let go of that, that I can’t go to bed and like ‘I had a good time today.’”

Cody certainly looks like he’s enjoying his time out there. He jumped off a high cliff into the ocean. He even weaved himself a hat with leaves. But ignorance is bliss because former castaways revealed a gross fact while watching the episode.

Omar Zaheer said Cody’s jump happened where the ‘Survivor 42’ cast pooped

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Some people might’ve been impressed by Cody’s jump. But former castaways might’ve cringed.

“Cody is jumping into our ocean defecation zone #survivor43,” Omar Zaheer from last season tweeted. Rick Devens from season 38 replied, “Confirmed.”

It’s known that castaways don’t have access to toilets while filming. Morriah Young talked about being disappointed with this aspect of the game.

Morriah struggled with the bathroom situation

Showbiz Cheat Sheet talked to Morriah about her experience. She revealed her struggle with filming this season.

“I think the one thing that I struggle with the most was probably the bathroom,” she said. “Like, I knew that there wouldn’t be a porta potty off camera. But I kind of was hoping that there would be one. So I would say that it wasn’t a surprise, but just like a hope that got crushed instantly, like, no, you’re going to go in the trees or the ocean. And that was kind of like the wakeup call for me.”

The second episode ended with the Vesi tribe going to Tribal Council. Cody found an advantage where he has to ask for beads from each person in the tribe to make an idol. He was successful, but he didn’t play the idol. Justine Brennan was voted out like Cody wanted because of Jesse Lopez’s vote. This means Cody has two allies now with Nneka Ejere and Jesse. But fans will have to wait for the next episode to see if Dwight Moore will join them.

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