‘Survivor 43’: Owen Channels His ‘Ozzy Superpowers’ in Secret Scene

A deleted scene from Survivor 43 followed the Baka tribe after they won fishing gear. Owen Knight impressed himself with his fish-catching skills, admitting he felt he had channeled his “Ozzy superpowers” while on the island.

Owen channeled his ‘Ozzy superpowers’ in ‘Survivor 43’ deleted scene

After losing the first immunity challenge of Survivor 43, the Baka tribe turned it around by winning the second. Their victory came with fishing gear as a reward, and the team quickly put it to use.

A deleted scene followed Owen Knight as he speared a few small fish for his tribemates to eat. They watched proudly and cheered him on, comparing him to memorable tribe provider, four-time competitor Ozzy Lusth.

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In a confessional, Owen admitted catching the fish felt good as a superfan, adding it made him feel like “a new man.”

He continued, noting that he’s impressed himself with his providing skills as he also fetches water for his tribemates and tends to the fire. Finally, Owen pointed out that he channeled his “Ozzy superpowers,” jokingly adding that his long hair might have something to do with it.

Owen almost became the first boot of the season

During the premiere episode of Survivor 43, the Baka tribe lost the opening challenge. Therefore, they had to complete a “sweat or savvy” task to receive their essential supplies.

Similar to last season’s runner-up Mike Turner, Owen immediately shot down the sweat option, knowing he would have to do it. Believing it would ostracize him from the tribe and prevent him from strategizing, Owen convinced the others to do the savvy challenge.

After completing it, the Louisiana native admitted in a confessional that his tribemates don’t want to strategize, annoying him as he felt it would backfire.

The group lost the immunity challenge, guaranteeing a date at Tribal Council. Elie Scott wanted to keep the tribe strong, so they debated targeting her ally Morriah Young. However, Morriah suggested they vote out Owen, giving the women a numbers advantage. Ultimately, Elie decided against Morriah, believing Owen might present trouble for them after the merge.

Owen seemingly aligns with the guys on his tribe

During episode 3, Elie and ally Jeanine Zheng debated on who they should bring in as the third member of their group.

While Elie initially wanted Owen, comparing him to a young child who needs more attention, she thought they should team up with Sami Layadi instead, considering him more independent. Although the ladies thought the guys weren’t strategizing, Owen and the 19-year-old noticed their bond.

Sami suggested they and Mike Gabler should team up, noting they have the numbers. He also stated the guys should immediately tell each other if one of the ladies attempts to bring them in.

Therefore, if they approach Sami to join their alliance as Elie wants, he’ll likely expose them and remain loyal to the guys. If they invite Owen, it’s unclear what he will do. Either way, it looks like they should have kept Morriah, as she previously raised concerns about the men aligning. Additionally, she was portrayed as one of the strongest competitors in the tribe. Survivor 43 airs Wednesdays on CBS.

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