‘Survivor 43’: Sami Lies About His Age to His Tribe, Was It the Right Move?

Survivor Season 43 had a strong start. Everyone tried to lower their threat level in different ways. Sami Layadi lied about his age, and fans debate on if it’s the right move.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for the Survivor 43 premiere.] 

Which tribe won in the premiere of ‘Survivor 43’?

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Once again, the season started with three tribes competing. Baka, Vesi, and Coco raced to get supplies for their camp. Those supplies included a pot, a machete, and a flint. They still don’t get any food to start.

In the end, Vesi won the race. An obvious boost for their win was Cody Assenmacher coaching them to put the flint inside the bamboo hole to pull it down. It worked, and his fellow tribe members called out how smart it was. But there is another impressive person on a losing tribe.

Sami lies about his age to his Baka tribe on ‘Survivor 43’ 

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Baka and Coco had to choose between a sweat challenge that involved digging up to eight hours or solving a brain teaser for flint. Sami had a tough decision to make.

“I wanted to do the sweat part of the challenge because I’m trying to play to what people see me as out here,” Sami said in his confessional. “I’m a bigger guy. I kinda do wanna conceal part of me. Like I don’t want them to know that I’m good at puzzles because every little thing can be used against you in this game.”

He acknowledged his desire for a good camp outweighed that, so he came up with the answer to the bones brain teaser. His answer was correct, and they got their materials.

“I’m 19 years old,” Sami said. “That’s not gonna sound good in a group of people who are experienced and well thought out like these people.” He told everyone he’s 22 years old instead. Of course, Sami hopes to become the youngest person to win the game.

Fans think Sami failed at lowering his threat level

'Survivor' Season 43: Baka tribe members Sami Layadi and Mike Gabler working on a challenge together
‘Survivor’ Season 43: Baka Tribe: Sami Layadi and Mike ‘Gabler’ Gabler | Robert Voets/CBS/ Getty Images

Fans had a lot to say about the big personalities in the premiere. Reddit weighed in on Sami’s surprising scenes.

“Does Sami know Making fire also makes you a threat. Hes the most humble braggart this shows ever had,” one fan wrote.

“Sami gonna rival Jonathan for carrying his tribe at this rate,” another person commented.

“Sami surprising us back to back!” someone else added.

“Day 1 and already Super Sami. He gotta calm down,” one person warned.

“Lying about his age is smart, he’s absolutely right about 22 sounding a hell of a lot better than 19,” one fan claimed. 

“Nah, he will let something slip and everyone will be like why did you lie, making him look untrustworthy,” someone else replied. 

“Lying to your tribe right off the bat isn’t a great move,” another fan agreed.

The three tribes competed for immunity. Baka lost, which means they lost their flint and had to go to Tribal Council. Everyone wanted to keep Sami because they wanted strength, so Morriah Young and Owen Knight were on the chopping block. Morriah was voted out.

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